Celebrate World Fair Trade Day!

World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) is the largest Fair Trade event of the year in North America. From May 1 – 15, businesses, nonprofit organizations, churches, student groups, civic associations, families, stores and advocates host hundreds of events, including: Fair Trade food tastings, talks, music concerts, fashion shows and much more – to promote Fair Trade and campaign for trade justice together with farmers and artisans. Fair Trade Resource Network leads this effort, attempting to host the largest figurative coast-to-coast Fair Trade Coffee Break ever in North America. You can see a full list of events on FTRN’s homepage and also learn how to host your own Fair Trade coffee break.


When the products we choose are Fair Trade we are making a positive impact on communities around the world, be it the farmer cooperatives that grow cocoa for the chocolate we eat, or the artisan groups that knit our scarves and blankets. WFTD aims to increase awareness of Fair Trade, so that when people have the option to choose, their choice will be a Fair Trade product!

Join with Green America in celebrating this year!