Green Festival Announces the Washington D.C. Brand Award Winner and Runners-up

The votes are in and here are the winners of the first-ever Green Festival D.C. Brand Award.

First Place: Charm School Chocolate

First place goes to Charm School Chocolate, a Maryland-based confectionery producing hand-crafted, dairy-free, vegan chocolates.  We love the distinct and eco-friendly sweets that Charm School Chocolate has perfected to satisfy vegan, and non-vegan, health-conscious lifestyles.   

“We are incredibly excited about the Green Festival Brand Award,” said Josh Rosen, chef and owner of Charm School Chocolates. “I am so grateful that we get a chance to be here and to share what great dairy-free chocolate can taste like.”

Chef Josh Rosen created Charm School Chocolate with the prize money he earned after winning the title of “Sweet Genius” on the Food Network’s Sweet Challenge.  Passionate about handcrafting the world’s most scrumptious chocolate and confections, Chef Rosen creates a distinct chocolate by transforming fair trade cocoa beans and organic ingredients into sweet, sophisticated flavors.  Just as charm schools "refine" their students, they take cocoa beans from around the world, and carefully "refine" them into polished, delicious sweets.  

Good manners teach us “it’s rude to exclude”.  As allergies to dairy become increasingly common, they make a determined effort to design their recipes without the milk, cream, and butter typically used in traditional chocolate making.

Charm School Chocolate believes good food is simply good food! Watch them breathe new life into the classics, show you how amazing handcrafted chocolate can be, and expose you to bold new flavors ... in the most charming way!

As winner, Charm School Chocolate receives:

  • A special award, presented at the Washington D.C. Green Festival
  • National media recognition as a leading brand in the green community
  • A free inline booth at a 2015 Green Festival in the city of choice
  • Recognition at a VIP reception at the 2015 Green Festival in the selected city

Second Place: NYR Organic

Second place goes to NYR Organic, one of the top skincare companies in the United Kingdom, Japan and Dubai, offering natural beauty products.

For winning second place, NYR Organic receives 50% off a sponsorship package for 2014 or 2015 at the city of their choice.

Third Place: Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Third place goes to Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, a company widely known for its brand of certified fair trade and organic classic soaps, personal care products and culinary oils.

Green Festival Brand Award judging committee:
Joe Yonan, Author and Food and Travel editor at The Washington Post; Robin Fillmore, Publisher of Natural Awakenings DC; and Kathleen Merrigan, Executive Director of Sustainability at George Washington University.