Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Taking these stands is never easy, as we’ve learned over the years. There is almost always push-back at first. Then, as more and more people learn about the issue and join in, there’s the satisfaction of being able to bring about great change.

So we have taken on another urgent matter of corporate responsibility: cell phone safety. The emerging scientific data on cell phone dangers are frightening—from the serious risk to your health to the human rights and environmental issues in mining the rare metals required in the phones.

Our research is alarming. We had several experts review the data and our conclusions. Every one of them not only agreed with what we wrote, but told us that they are completely changing the way they use cell phones after reading this feature. After reading it, I also switched to safer cell phone use—and hope you do, too.

What is most alarming is the cell phone industry’s behavior. Its actions to deny the data and abrogate their responsibility are all too reminiscent of the corporate response to emerging data on deadly issues such as tobacco, asbestos, DDT and climate change in the past. With a different corporate response—one that puts energy into health and safety instead of misdirecting and misleading—we could have cell phones that are much safer for people and the environment.

As you use your cell phone, please protect yourself. Share these articles with everyone you love, and join with us in demanding that the cell phone industry clean up its act.

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