DotGreen: Bringing the New Green Internet to You

What is .green?

.green is the new Top-Level Domain for all things green online. DotGreen Community, Inc. is preparing infrastructure, policies, and the 2013 launch of .green domain names for new .green website. This will provide a unique and natural opportunity to find and share stories of sustainability, a trusted online space amongst a green audience and the green community. Internet users and global citizens will recognize the green signal for information on green practices, solutions, products, programs, initiatives, organizations and more.

Public Benefit is integrated into the .green operating model. Sales of .green domain names will generate increased philanthropy and create a new income stream for the DotGreen Foundation. The DotGreen Foundation is a For Public Benefit Charity which works with EarthShare to support programs and projects of sustainability in all regions of the world adding additional value to Internet users and .green domain registrants who connect on the Green Internet. The strength of the green movement, lies with the people. You can be informed, make green lifestyle changes, companies can introduce robust CSR initiatives, Governments can lead with sustainability initiatives and we can all do our part to help boost the movement through awareness and dialogue on the .green Internet.

Green Festival embodies this approach where everyone plays an important role, and DotGreen is grateful to be celebrating Earth Day with this community. We hope to see you at the event - stop by the Social Media station by the main stage to connect with us and help share exciting happenings at Green Festival NY! If we miss you in New York, please look for us at the next Green Festival in Chicago in May!

*Join the DotGreen Community from TrimTab Media on Vimeo.