Why? Because I am witnessing a powerful backlash of resilience on behalf of communities and schools:

1) In East Oakland, a dedicated group of parents, teachers and community organizers are amplifying the unheard stories of changing their school communities, one student at a time.

2) In Richmond high schools, community organizations are offering externally funded food justice classes and agricultural services.

3) In West Berkeley, youth empowerment programs are sprouting up within the schools.

And that's just scratching the surface in the Bay Area alone! At this time of great ecological and social injustice across the globe, we are in need of inspiring programs to uplift and invest in relevant information for our young people. That's why a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and educators have come together to launch BALANCE Edutainment, as a vision for culturally relevant social and environmental change. Please check out our flagship initiative, "Pacha's Pajamas," a children's musical story to engage the young reader, listener and viewer with major ecological issues of our time. The eBook will launch on Mother's Day, to be followed by an animated short and Audiobook featuring celebrity artists supporting campaigns related to Nature's Rights, Climate Change and Community Resilience.

Please stay in touch, build solidarity, and check out this video for more info about our latest work:

For more information or to support Pachas Pajamas, visit http://www.indiegogo.com/PachasPajamaswww.collectiveliberation.com/pachas-pajamas-live/ and www.pachaspajamas.com.