Enjoy the Arts at San Francisco Green Festival

Enjoy a special musical performance from Clif Bar’s Grove Valve Orchestra, recently named America's Best Corproate Band in FORTUNE Magazine's Battle of the Corporate Band competition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

A fantastic group of local performance artists will gather at Green Festival to introduce all speakers on the Main Stage. Local artists include: gina Breedlove, Gautam Tejas Ganeshan, Renee Wilson, Drew Dellinger, devorah major, Aisha Fukushima, Aya de Leon and more.

Expand your art collection at this year's pop-up gallery located on the main floor near the Organic Beer & Wine Garden throughput the weekend.

"Black Futurists In The Green" showcases the work of Black Diamonds Shining members, including: Deadeyes, Safteyfirst, Ras Terms, Keena, Ashrose, Rtystyc, and Sage as well as other Bay Area artists of color. BFG features installation pieces made from wood and recycled and found materials, creating a mixture of mural and framed art works providing an intergalactic perspective on sustainable living beyond 2012. Members of the collective will be painting live and presenting on their collaborative work multi-media work.

Black Diamonds Shining is an Oakland based afro-galactic Black arts collective made up of Ras Terms, Safety First, Deadeyes, Antjuan Jones, AshRose, Brooks Golden and Larry Dobie.