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Calling All Young Environmentalists! Fun and games in the Green Kids' Zone

Yoga for Youth (Leslie Nuesca: Little Guru – Radiant Yoga; Crystal D' Angora - Yogi Tree – Light Leaders)

These fun youth yoga classes offer green kids a great way to rejuvenate, play and bond with peers. Inclusive exercises are proven to improve children’s developmental awareness! Crystal is founder of the Light Leaders Yoga teachers training program for children's yoga teachers, and a teacher at Golden Bridge, The Yogi Tree and in her home studio. Leslie has been teaching children’s yoga since February 2006 at various schools in Los Angeles, in her home studio and private classes.

hippoworksSimon Says: “Lets Stop Climate Change!” (Hippo Works)

A Green Festival youth film favorite in 2011, this animated feature contains the lovable Hippo Works gang - Peep the Bird, Simon the Hippo, Suzanne the "Crystal Goddess" and Silly Billy the Zebra - on an “edutaining” adventure that illuminates important environmental topics and eco-habits.

Pachas Pajamas (Balance Edutainment)

Pacha is a little girl with big dreams. One night, the animals and plants on her new pajamas come alive! Entering the dream as a small gorilla, she comes upon an unlikely group of critters who are feeling sad about the ways their home has been harmed by un-thoughtful humans…

This fun and inspiring musical story is making waves all over the nation! You can even score your own copy of the e-book pre-Green Festival by visiting pachaspajamas.com today and using the special code: pachathanksu. What a wonderful gift!

big-mama-earthBig MaMa Earth

Big MaMa Earth is dedicated to empowering children and families everywhere to take action and be the change they wish to be in order to reconnect with Mother Earth. Join Big Mama Earth and the Eco-Kids for a fun and music, and find your reason to save the Planet.  Also, be on the lookout out for Big MaMa Earth on the festival floor and in the Puppet Parade! Give her a high five and let her know you're an eco-hero committed to saving the planet!

Calaveras y Semillas (One Grain of Sand Puppet Theatre)

Celebrate the power of seeds during the harvest season by participating in a festive headdress making workshops with One Grain of Sand Puppet Theatre. Then, join One Grain of Sand's larger than life puppets and wear your new eco-friendly outfit in a festive parade around the festival floor!

Henrietta Cluck-Cluck, Green Super Chicken

Henrietta Cluck-Cluck is a chicken with attitude! What is she so riled up about? Her friends are in danger in their homes due to habitat destruction, and excess waste. Hang with Henrietta as she tells you all you need to know about the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle

wormsThe Ooey Gooey Awesomeness of Worm Poop (Green and Greener)

Who doesn’t like to play in the dirt? Come and get your hands dirty with a hands-on workshop that shows you how to set up a worm composting bin, harvest worm poop and make your own worm tea! Bring your own container and take home some worm tea for your garden!

Story Time (Rebecca Martin)

A world of magic awaits you! Join Rebecca on a journey into story and imagination, visiting different parts of the world and learning about taking care of the earth, growing plants, honoring natural processes and becoming green.

Dr. Dirt (TreePeople)

Dr. Dirt is the expert on the “stuff beneath our feet.” After a long quest to heal the soil in our city, the good doctor has perfected the recipe for “mulch medicine,” and continues to share this valuable recipe to all those who know that soil is an important part of our city forest!

También hay presentaciones en español para los niños:

Dr. Tierra (presentado por Treepeople) (EN ESPAÑOL)

Dr. Tierra es un experto en las "cosas debajo de nuestros pies." Después de una larga búsqueda de como curar la tierra de nuestra ciudad, el buen Dr. ha perfeccionado la receta de la "medicina mulch," y sigue compartiendo esta receta valiosa para todos aquellos que saben que la tierra sea una parte importante de nuestro bosque de la ciudad!

Simon Says: “Lets Stop Climate Change!” (Presentado por Hippo Works) (EN ESPAÑOL)

Presentando el grupo divertido de Hippo Works en una aventura educativa que ilumina temas importantes de medio ambiente y hábitos ambientalistas.

For a full schedule to plan your family's Green Festival weekend, visit the Green Kids' Zone Schedule online or download the Event Guide now!