Fun for the Family in the Green Kids' Zone

Saturday 11:30 am & 4:00 pm / Sunday 4:00 pm - Hippo Works"Simon Says: 'Let's Stop Climate Change!'"

"Simon Says: Let's Stop Climate Change!" features the animated Hippo Works gang in an 'edutaining' adventure that illuminates topics such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, the food chain and carbon footprints. The film also highlights important eco-habits such as the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), composting and carbon offsetting.

Saturday 12:00 pm - Acorn Puppet Theatre Presents - A Marionette Show

Join parents, faculty and students from various Northwest Waldorf schools for a lively marionette show.

Saturday 4:30 pm – Irthlingz

With a mission to sing, dance, play, hoot and holler, Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz have been blending environmental education with music since 1998. With rich vocal harmonies, guitars, fiddle and bass, they sing about water, fish, trees, air, sun, energy and keeping the Earth clean and healthy.

Saturday and Sunday 12:30 pm - Global Exchange Fair Trade Program - The Story of Fair Trade

Experience the fun of Sweet Smarts! Join Global Exchange in a journey to explore the life of the cocoa bean. Learn about Fair Trade chocolate, and how simple decisions can help put an end of child labor and environmental harm. Enjoy a sweet Fair Trade treat!

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm - Green Kids

Flow the Water Woman and Aqua Man are time travelers from a land far, far away. Travel through time and space with fun and informative activities to awaken your mind and body. Plunge into yoga, movement and interactive theatre performance and exercises to learn about how we can be more in tune with Mother Earth. Presented by Green Kids.

Saturday and Sunday 1:30 pm - Pocket Disc Games

Fasso Fair Traders' Pocket Disc is a brilliantly colored, hand-made, fair-trade flying disc that is perfect for disc golf in the living room, or down-time catch on the hiking trail. Pocket Discs help kids of all ages enhance hand/eye coordination, an understanding of the forces that keep them upon their bikes, and their own self-confidence. Life is for living and loving, we say. So catch it! After the game, visit booth #463.

Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm - Wilderness Awareness School - Tails and Tales

Join us this weekend for some Tales and Tails! On Saturday, come by the kids’ zone for nature- themed storytelling to get you in the spirit of the season! On Sunday, come craft your own whimsical tail out of natural plant materials and used fabrics!  Stop by our booth any time throughout the weekend for hands-on education with our nature museum of found and foraged artifacts and crafted items.

Saturday and Sunday 2:30 pm - Henrietta Cluck-Cluck: Green Super-Chicken

Come join Henrietta Cluck-Cluck, green super-chicken, as she embarks on a journey to save her animal friends. This puppetry show and interactive story provides fun and green lessons for kids.

Saturday and Sunday 3:30 pm - Green Kids Kids Parade

Join Flow the Water Woman, Aquaman and friends and shake your Wilderness Tails in the Green Kids' Parade! We will venture on a journey around Green Festival. All kids and parents are encouraged to join!

Sunday 11:30 am - Seattle Urban Tilth - Lisa Taylor and Jessica Heiman – Creepin’ Critters

Creep and crawl with Creepin’ Critters to explore the insect world and learn about the many bugs in your garden through song, story and dance.

Sunday 12:00 pm - St. George's Children's Choir Musical Performance

St. George Children's Choir is in its debut year! Our children attend St. George Parish School in the heart of the Beacon Hill neighborhood, in Seattle, WA. The children range from First Grade to Fourth Grade and participate in the choir to gain a sense of ownership, leadership and a great set of PIPES!

Saturday and Sunday All Day

Wilderness Awareness School - Stop by our booth any time throughout the weekend for hands-on education with our nature museum of found and foraged artifacts and crafted items.

Waldorf Education Northwest Natural Crafts - Parents, faculty and students from various Northwest Waldorf Schools invite you to use your head, hands and hearts creating a variety of delightful gifts for family and friends. Enjoy the beauty of using wool, wood and other natural materials to make precious simple treasures.  Naturally simple fun for people of all ages!

Waldorf Education Northwest Kids' Movement Zone - Hosted by parents, faculty and students from various Northwest Waldorf Schools. Enjoy fun and interactive games, juggling, rolla-bolla, bean bag toss, jump rope and much more.