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Fun for the Whole Family in the Green Kids' Zone

Green Kids’ Zone Schedule

Hippo Works Presents: Simon Says “Let’s Stop Climate Change!”

Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am and 4:00 pm

"Simon Says: Let's Stop Climate Change!" features the animated Hippo Works gang in an 'edutaining' adventure that illuminates topics such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, the food chain and carbon footprints. The film also highlights important eco-habits such as the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), composting and carbon offsetting.

Green Kids Activity with Flow the Water Woman and Aquaman

Saturday and Sunday 11:30 am and 3:00 pm

Flow the Water Woman and Aqua Man are time travelers from a land far, far away. Travel through time and space with fun and informative activities to awaken your mind and body. Plunge into yoga, movement and interactive theatre performance and exercises to learn about how we can be more in tune with Mother Earth. Presented by Green Kids. http://www.greenkids.com

Author Tim Magner presents: “Earl the Earthworm”

Saturday 12:00 pm and Sunday 2:00 pm

Join author Tim Magner as he engages young readers with his enchanting story of Earl the intrepid earthworm and his eco-adventures. More at www.greensugarpress.com

Henrietta Cluck-Cluck, Green Super-Chicken

Saturday and Sunday 2:30 pm

Come join Henrietta Cluck-Cluck, green super-chicken, as she embarks on a journey to save her animal friends. This puppetry show and interactive story provides fun and green lessons for kids.

Green Kids Parade

Saturday and Sunday 3:30 pm

Join Aqua Man and Flow the Water Woman and show off your beautiful recycled art in the Green Kid's Parade! We will venture on a journey around Green Festival. All kids and parents are encouraged to join!

Family Yoga

Saturday 12:30 pm

Stretch your body and your mind with this fun, family activity!

The Chicago School of Blues "Sing Your Own Blues Tune"

Saturday 1:00 pm

Making up a three line blues verse, children express feelings we all share: happy, sad, funny: “The dog ate my homework, please have mercy on me…” Using Chicago’s own blues music, Barrelhouse Bonni and Miss Taj create a learning environment where children and adults feel emotionally safe and joyful as we all forge new ways to relate to each other and to our planet. www.chicagoschoolofblues.org

GreenShields - Greening Your School Bus

Sunday 12:00 pm

What exactly is a GreenShield? Jonny Cohen, a current high school sophomore, thought of the idea one day in seventh grade when he noticed the cumbersome build of school buses. Was possible to streamline them for aerodynamic efficiency? His idea was to attach a polycarbonate shield on the front of the bus, redirecting airflow and ultimately, saving gas and money for schools.

Nature’s Creatures Animal Show

Sunday 1:00 pm

Join Erin Yanz and her amazing assortment of rescued animals!  Through stories and demonstrations, she teaches families to be responsible in their pet choices.  Read more at http://www.naturescreatures.net

All Day Activities - Saturday & Sunday

Growing food On the Go with Truck Farm Chicago

Truck Farm Chicago is a simple concept with a big impact. It's a biodiesel pickup truck with a mini-farm planted in the truck bed. This fun exhibit engages youth in questions about where our food comes from and how the choices we make impact both our health and the health of our environment.  www.truckfarmchicago.org

Balance Boards and Beams

In the movement area, enjoy hi-enjoyment low-tech fun provided by an assortment of Balance Boards and Beams!  Simultaneously invigorating and relaxing, kids of all ages will enjoy this fun activity. Read more at http://www.balanceboardsandbeams.com

The “Traveling Bug Brigade” and Composting Worms with the University of Illinois Extension Service

Meet interesting, weird-looking, friendly insects AND those little worms who turn your kitchen scraps into wonderful compost for the garden.  Provided by the University of Illinois Extension Service – http://web.extension.uiuc.edu

Get Your Craft On with the Green Parents Network

Make beautiful tissue paper flowers with Green Parents Network. Using 100% recycled tissue paper, this fun and creative craft project will provide a colorful souvenir, as well as a fun carry-along for the Kid’s Parade.  Provided by Green Parents Network. http://greenparentsnetwork.com

Build A Recycled City

Using empty cardboard boxes provided by Green Festival Exhibitors, we’ll build and rebuild the Kid’s Zone into many configurations and shapes.

Color in the Hippo Works Gang

Coloring books and crayons will be available, provided by Hippoworks, creators of the new movie Simon Says “Let’s Stop Climate Change!”  Read more at www.hippoworks.com

Create a Beautiful Bookmark

Use some of the Artterro's beautiful natural materials to design a one of a kind piece of art of your very own. Start with handmade paper from India and add amazing decorative papers, wood & glass beads and sequins to create a marvelous bookmark to aid your reading adventures.