Green Festival Exhibitor Laundry Ball on the Today Show

If you missed it, SmartKlean's Laundry Ball was highlighted on the Today Show as a can’t-miss Green Gadget! This Green Festival exhibitor, SmartKlean, was featured by Innovation Insider, Steve Greenberg, as an eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergents.

The Laundry Ball is revolutionizing the laundry industry using eco-friendly technology to remove dirt and odors without the use of any detergent. One Laundry Ball effectively cleans 365 loads of laundry, conserves water and energy by reducing the need for a rinse cycle and hot water, and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals found in detergent. The Ball leaves no trace in the aquatic ecosystem and saves your family money on every load!

Learn more at smartkleanliving.com or come to Green Festival NY on April 26-27 at Pier 94 to get your Laundry Ball for $45.