Green Festival President Interviewed On News Channel 8

On May 31, the president of Green Festival, Dr. Corinna Basler, was interviewed live on News Channel 8. During the Saturday morning news segment, Dr. Basler spoke with news anchor Kathy Park about what would be happening at Green Festival that weekend. She highlighted that Green Festival was celebrating its 10th anniversary in D.C. and would feature exciting and fun opportunities such as getting behind the wheel of one of Ford’s all-electric, hybrid cars for a test-drive, healthy cooking demos, yoga classes and family-friendly activities and amazing vegan and vegetarian foods. Among the 270 plus exhibitors, partners and sponsors at Green Festival, local businesses and organizations were mentioned including Green Tomato Cars, greater Washington’s newest and greenest sedan service, which provided transportation for Dr. Basler to the News Channel 8 studios in Virginia. The Super Green Shopper gift basket was prominently displayed during the interview with Kathy Park pointing out the seaweed snacks from SeaSnax. Dr. Basler explained the new Green Festival Award Series for audiences and that the Super Green Shopper prize would be given away to a lucky winner with great green products from Green Festival exhibitors. As a special offer, audiences were invited to mention “News Channel 8” for a discount on Green Festival tickets at the Washington Convention Center!

Green Tomato Cars