Greening Green Festivals


Every exhibitor and vendor uses biodegradable service items, or Bio-ware, for all food service and sampling. What this means is that every cup, plate, fork, spoon, bowl, napkin, toothpick, sample cup and food item is 100% compostable! Event signage is printed on eco-friendly material and is 100% reusable. Signs that cannot be reused are printed on materials that are recyclable, compostable or reusable in other ways. We also work closely with our decorators and service providers to ensure that every item and service is as green and reusable as possible.

At Green Festivals, we examine our energy needs and work to minimize our energy consumption and make it as clean as possible. We take advantage of natural lighting, which is why you will often find us in venues with many windows. When artificial lighting is necessary, we use compact fluorescent lighting. All exhibitors are encouraged to minimize their electricity needs at their booth. We work to ensure that the sustainable practices that make our exhibitors so unique are incorporated into their booths at the festival!


The commitment of our exhibitors, decorators, staff, volunteers and attendees to strive for a zero-waste event keeps us pushing and aspiring to be better and cleaner every event.

You can help! Work with Green Festival toward the goal of zero-waste by: using the recycling and compost bins at the festival; bringing your own reusable water container and eating utensils; walking, biking or taking public transportation to the festival; supporting local green businesses featured at the festival; and spreading the word to your friends, family and fellow attendees about the benefits of recycling, composting and reducing your carbon footprint.