Join Us at the 6th Annual WDC Green Festival

Check out the amazing activities, topics, and workshops awaiting you at the Washington D.C. Green Festival:



  • Walk through our real organic garden, learn about the Local Food Project and see how easy it is to grow your own food.
  • Learn how WDC schools are helping their students eat right and lead healthier lives.
  • Learn a new green hobby - paper and print making.
  • Find out how easy it is to green your house or office.
  • Learn how to create a sustainable green business from experienced green business owners and managers.
  • Discover positive - green jobs for the area's youth.
  • Observe how composting has taken WDC by storm.
  • Find out how one Prince Georgian town is working to Green its streets.
  • Learn how Fair Trade is transforming the lives of the people your favorite foods and drinks - and hear their inspiring stories. PLUS discover the DARK side of chocolate!
  • Meet the Ambassadors of Bolivia and Venezuela and hear how their respective countries are dealing with global warming issues.
  • Spend happy hour in the local organic beer and wine garden!GF_DC_MOMs
  • Share a meal with friends in the organic vegetarian food court.
  • Engage with a variety of nonprofits and find out what you can do to help in your community.
  • Hear the successful and inspiring business stories behind the kid-run organization, Hives for Lives.
  • How does social investing and shareholder actions transform our world.
  • Hear how one family decided to GO SOLAR without money!
  • Come and enjoy over 125 speakers and workshops!


Have fun and do some shopping using your GF Bucks!  Support the hundreds of local green and fair trade businesses - and make your holiday shopping fun at the Green Festival! 

Meet local non profits and find out how you can give back to your community (see Admissions for more details)

Join us for two days filled with the best in green and celebrate what is working in our communities - for people, business and the environment at the 6th annual Washington DC Green Festival.

For a better world for all,


Denise Hamler and The Green Festival Team