Mentoring Sessions by Pay It Forward Labs

The Family Fun Area will be our Mentoring Headquarters on Friday September 12th.  We will have over 25 expert mentors who are experts in different green business fields.  These areas will be broken into three areas (start up, tech and marketing).  As an attendee of the green festival you do not need to register in advance to meet these people.  You just need to come on the 12th of September between noon and 6pm and you can choose who you would like to speak with on the spot.  Areas that will be covered include:

Legal – If you are thinking of starting a green business and don’t know where you should incorporate and what type of company you should incorporate then you need to see our legal super mentor.  You will find out how to get through the legal maze.

​Funding – If you are looking for funding for your green business but you don’t know if you should go to the bank, an angel, the government or a crowdfunding platform then you need to book time with this super mentor.  

​Technology – If you need to build a website and don’t know your wordpress from your wireframes then you need to sit with our tech Super Mentor.  You will learn the best platform to build your site on and the most cost effective way to get it done.Pay it forward pic

​Real estate- how do you make sure you find a premises which will keep your costs down but at the same time give your green business the exposure it needs to be successful.  Our property super mentor will guide you from virtual solutions to the best retail space on the market and help you work out the best solution for you.

​Human resources – Whether you need to decide on getting independent agents or full time staff or whether you need to manage those staff effectively and within the law you still need to get expert advice now rather than later.  Our Super Mentor will do this.

​Accounting – managing the money you make from your green business is no simple task.  Making sure you keep your fair share from the government is as important as making the revenue in the first place.  Our Super Mentor will make sure you get the tips you need to keep that revenue where is should be – in your pocket.

​Marketing – marketing done right or wrong is the difference between business life and death.  These days you need to be an expert in 20 different marketing techniques to stay in touch with you competitors.  Our super mentor will give you a quick guide to keep you on the right marketing road to success.

​Growth Hacking – This is a very new field in business but one that The challenge most businesses have today is that its hard to be noticed.  Our growth hacking super mentor will share secrets about how some of the biggest green companies went from zero to massive awareness in a short period of time.

Brian Mac Mahon is the founder and community Director for Pay it Forward Labs, a free organization  dedicated to providing mentorship and expertise to business people who seek council and direction from those who have already walked in their shoes.  The founding principle of PIFlabs is that everyone has an expertise, which is of value to the community and by paying your expertise forward you are part of the solution for global business and we all help each other grow stronger together.  The crowd then rate the different mentors based on the value given.  It is a true green, value based marketplace.  Prior to Pay it Forward Labs Brian owned an expedia type company for workspace (Your Office Agent) and prior to that traveled globally for 15 years living and working in over 35 countries learning what makes us different and what can bring us together.