Now Is the Time to Demand GM Food Labeling!

The FDA says such labels aren’t needed because GM foods are “substantially equivalent” to conventional foods. Yet biotechnology companies say their GM seeds are unique and should be patented. So in the twisted logic of the FDA and USDA we have GM seeds that are unique and patented and GM foods that are the same as normal foods. The result is that the biotech companies have it both ways. Oh and the FDA doesn’t require safety testing of GM foods. It’s voluntary.

The problem for the agencies and the biotech companies is that a growing number of people are fed up. They say they have a basic right to know whether they are eating GM foods. They point to 40 other countries including all the European Union member states, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, and even China and Russia requiring labels. Yet here in the birthplace of democracy, our government denies its citizens the right to know whether they are eating GM foods.

So we are all participating in a massive feeding experiment.

Fortunately, there are many heroes championing the right to know including Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield Farms; David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps; Pamm Larry, a Chico, California grandmother who single handedly launched the California ballot initiatives; and state representatives like Maralyn Chase and Cary Condotta of Washington State, Richard Roy and Diana Urban of Connecticut, Kate Webb of Vermont, who are introducing bills to label GM foods. And there are countless others raising their voices to demand a stop to the GM feeding experiment and the right to know. The time is now!