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The Magic Mystery Healing Tour: A Journey into the Evolver Social Movement

At nearly all of my sixteen talks, packed into three weeks, I have been greeted by engaged and enthusiastic crowds. This shouldn’t happen. The publishing industry has been wilting for years, and this kind of energy and buzz isn’t a reality for most first time authors backed by an independent publisher. But I’ve been blessed with an enormous gift that I’ve also helped build over the last few years – it’s called the Evolver Social Movement (E+SM).

It was E+SM that spread the news of my tour through our affiliated websites Reality Sandwich and Evolver.net. It’s the dozens of dedicated Sporeganizers, who have built up more than 40 conscious communities over the last two years, that brought in the audiences, and it’s these same evolutionary allies who also gave me free places to crash, rides to the airport, floats in sensory deprivation tanks, skinny dipping in secret backyard hot tubs, guerilla lemon picking, and sunset treks through Joshua Tree National Park. After six years of writing alone at home, this voyage turned into a surprising practice of testing just how much love I could possibly allow myself to receive, and how many magical adventures I could permit myself.

I use the term “magic,” because it seems to be one of the most repeated words we hear throughout our mycelial network. Although there’s not a way to scientifically prove this, I believe it’s because Evolver and other transformational groups resonate at a higher frequency than our parasitic hierarchal systems that draw all the resources to the top few percent, creating vast amounts of scarcity and suffering. Energetically speaking, society at large is a house divided, competing for money, power, jobs, land, goods -- you name it.

As systems theorist Buckminster Fuller stated, most problems are “problems of design.” Over the last couple of years, we have worked (and played) hard, collaborating with many other inspired organizations like Green Festival to nurture communities that are designed to foster ecological responsibility, creative collaboration, and conscious evolution. We believe deeply in the spirit of the gift, honoring the talents, visions, and passions of each individual and connecting that wisdom with the flow and energetic abundance of our interconnected network.

This unusually safe, freakishly healing, and wildly artistic container creates a higher, heart-based resonance, fostering synchronicities throughout our community. During this tour, people constantly showered me with stories of how they met their life partner, best friend, key collaborator, favorite artist, teacher, healer, DJ, etc through an unexpected set of coincidences. One person even told me that he had overcome his life-long depression after someone recommended an ayahuasca article on Reality Sandwich that inspired him to trek down to Peru for ceremonial work.

Throughout my West Coast expedition, the word “healing” came up almost as much as “magic” – perhaps because they both come from the same sense of flow and connection to source energy. Wherever I went, I heard journeys of people healing their shadow or trauma in their family lines and finding ways to help the planet herself. Given this common dynamic, I enjoyed asking one question in particular at each talk: “Who here is going through some type of initiatory or healing process?”

By the final night in Long Beach, I’m confident that at least nine-tenths of the audience are going to raise their hands. It’s been consistent from Calgary to Vancouver, Seattle to Portland, SF to Ojai, Palm Springs to LA. As all, but a few raise their hands, I have them share glances with those in the bookstore. “There’s something unusual going on here,” I say. “If I grabbed the intercom at the local Wal-Mart and asked the same question, it’s not likely most people would raise their hands.”

“I think we’re pioneers, which I know can be a fun but extremely challenging place to be.” Over the past three weeks, I’ve come to realize that evolvers and our related transformational tribes compose a weird and intricate alchemy of deeper ecological and spiritual activism, where new design systems meet vipassana firmness of mind, plant medicine wisdom engages with Occupy ideologies, permaculture principles with a widened cosmic perspective, and a rising consciousness with radically practical solutions to face the global challenges tidal-waving towards us.

Together, we are creating the organic farms, yoga studios, reskilling trainings, healing circles, gift economies, eco-festivals, and neotribal gatherings to help society move through a harrowing initiatory path, while helping activate each other along the way. As The Gospel of Thomas states, “There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world.” I believe we are here for exactly – to help turn on many lights in our world.