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Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer


1. Joy of Giving

Involvement in a cause steeped in creating a better life for the world and all of its inhabitants brings a joy that is unlike any other. It will give you a unique feeling of purpose and power that will feed your spirit, expand your mind and boost your self-esteem.

volunteer_green_team_12. Networking and Career Advancement

Volunteering can contribute to your career in a number of valuable ways. It strengthens your resume, boosts your visibility in the community and can connect you to valuable references. Plus, listing your volunteer experience on a resume demonstrates to prospective employers that you are conscientious, engaged in your community and able to manage your time to include giving back.

3. Fun with Friends and Family

Rewarding experiences are best shared, and volunteering is certainly more fun with two, four or six. Many of the volunteer roles at Green Festival can be shared with friends or family. Bring a youngster to partner with you; those who begin volunteering during their youth will typically become life-long volunteers.

4289211847_4e725122d44. A Step out of your Normal Routine

Volunteering is a great way to learn a new skill, explore new interests, discover untapped talents and meet new people. You may have social skills underutilized in your daily life that can be a valuable tool as an educator on the Green Team, or you may be a real kid-magnet, perfect for the Green Kid’s Zone. Find a hidden strength!

5. Make a Difference that will Reach Around the World

When you volunteer for the Green Festival, you are contributing to an event that promotes sustainability, human rights and environmental responsibility in the U.S. and around the world. By contributing your time, you are ultimately participating in promoting responsible energy sources, changing the life of a coffee farmer in Mexico or opening the door of opportunity for an African seamstress or an Indian jewelry-maker.

6. Connect with your Community

Volunteering is a powerful tool that brings together individuals with similar goals and ideology. Share the day with hundreds of like-minded volunteers, and you could meet your next boss, the love of your life or a magnetic new friend.

7. Gain Valuable Service Hours76354_495329857237_36915682237_7038027_428178_n

Most high schools and some universities now require a certain number of service hours be earned before graduation. Have a great time fulfilling your school’s requirement; there are so many volunteer roles and shifts at Green Festival that, if you were so inclined, you could earn upwards of 20 hours in a weekend!

8. It’s Healthy

Volunteering gets you up, out and moving. It improves your mood with feelings of joy and optimism which relieves stress, boosts your immune system and slows the aging process. Invest your time in a healthy pursuit while making a real difference in your community.

4127534684_c9da6d95039. Free Admission and Great Benefits

Let’s be frank, one of the reasons to volunteer for Green Festival is to gain that Free Admission all weekend! Plus, you get the exclusive, organic cotton, sweat-shop-free event tshirt, free memberships in Global Exchange and Green America for one year and access to food, relaxation and a free coat check in the Volunteer Lounge all weekend.

10. It Saves Resources for your Cause

Volunteers at the Green Festival save us up to $40,000 in staffing costs at each event. That means there is that much more funding to spend on promoting social justice and environmental responsibility. Though your service is more valuable than money, we recognize this is a piece of your contribution that is tangible and measurable.

Participating in Green Festival can provide joy, networking, fun, new experiences and the opportunity to take part in a greater cause that brings change worldwide.

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you and all volunteers for sharing your time, energy, spirit, skills, strength, enthusiasm and commitment.

For each of our events, registration will open online three months prior to the event dates. Questions? Email volunteer@greenfestivals.org or call 828-333-9415.