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Top 10 Volunteers


Curtis Wilson

Curtis Wilson is a North Carolina resident who travels to Green Festival when the city and the dates gel with his freelance work in TV production. Curtis identifies himself as a nomad and says he writes down all of the Green Festival dates on his calendar in January to ensure he doesn’t miss a chance to soak up the spirit that is unique to our sustainability event. It’s Curtis’ upbeat attitude and willingness to pitch in wherever needed that makes him such a valuable asset to our Festival.


Jaime Frankle

Jaime Frankle became a superstar in Chicago assisting our Box Office manager. The Box Office, alive with the happy excitement of the Festival, is an often crowded and hectic workspace. In Chicago, there were multiple entrances to the Festival, resulting in a madness of hustle and bustle. Jaime quickly caught on to the movement of the volunteers, from training to assignment, to bathroom breaks, to reassignment when new needs arose during the day. She was resourceful and enthusiastic throughout, working multiple shifts with a smile on her face.

Top10VOL_Gilono_GillGill Gillono

Gill Gillono is a devoted member of the Green Team in Chicago. Gill schedules herself from A.M. to P.M. to help the Festival meet its sustainability goals each year. The Green Festival is just one of the many events to which Gill gives her time, enthusiasm and talents each year. A devoted vegan, she plays a vital role in animal rights activities all over Chicago, including helping secure sponsors for VeggieFest in 2010. Whether manning a station or rallying the troops in the “back of house,” Gill is a knowledgeable and motivational asset to have on your team!

Jesse Kelber

Jesse Kelber is a Seattle volunteer who works the Miscellaneous shift, setting himself up to serve every aspect Festival in a variety of roles that are prone to change at any moment. Jesse is friendly and entertaining, chatting through the brief breaks, and then carrying his good spirits to his next assignment. It might take an hour, it might take five minutes; it might be hauling boxes or folding shirts. Jesse does it all with an immense amount of kindness and flexibility that set him apart and a wonderful member of the team.

kevin-kilkennyKevin Kilkenny

Kevin Kilkenny is a volunteer who never says, “no,” and he’s onsite from Set-up to Tear Down. The San Francisco Green Festival would truly suffer without Kevin on the team to help bring it all together. When faced with the tough sale of a volunteer job no one wants to do, Kevin not only takes it on, but takes it on with a smile and gets it done quickly. Reliable, honest, committed and enthusiastic, Kevin’s perseverance and can-do attitude drive everyone on the team.

Bob Klein

Bob Klein rarely signs up in advance to help us in Seattle, but he makes an entrance early and is sure to stay late helping in a variety of roles all over the Festival. In each city, you get to know your "regulars," - the veterans of the Green Festival who teach everyone about the nuances that make their Festival unique. In Seattle, Bob’s our veteran, known by all the staff, he’s the one to grab if you want it done “right now.”

Terry Lee

Terry Lee set himself apart with his impeccable nature in DC and San Francisco. Terry took the lead in our Volunteer Lounge in DC, keeping the snacks and the drinks refreshed, the t-shirts organized and keeping volunteers hydrated. Personal travel placed Terry in San Francisco just two weeks later for the Fall Green Festival, where he returned and again ran an efficient tight ship in the Lounge. He made sure that all volunteers looking for relaxation and refreshment found it in our Lounge.

Cathy Pham

Cathy Pham, 16, is one of our most versatile volunteers. In Seattle, she’s given her time to the Pacific Science Center, the Washington Bus and other organizations. So when she asked for special consideration allowing her to serve as her younger sister’s “adult” at the event, I gave her a chance. What a delight to work with these two poised young women! Cathy and Carolyn worked several shifts during the weekend, all with energy and a smile.

Top10Vol_Ting_BryanBryan Ting

Bryan Ting volunteers his time to the San Francisco Festivals in the Spring and Fall. Though he concentrates his talent and time to programming, especially in the Kid’s Zone, Bryan is the one to ask questions and requests on-site at the event, regardless of your need. From delivering more chairs to a stage, to helping meet the needs of a speaker, there is no job Bryan won’t tackle. His enthusiasm for the Festival and willingness to find a solution to every problem make Bryan an invaluable member of the San Francisco team.

Carolyn Cunningham

Caroyln Cunningham, affectionately known by all as “Ms. Cici,” coordinates up to 15 students to serve in a variety of volunteer roles in Washington DC each year. Ms. Cici is on site for the entire event, ensuring her students find their way, fulfill their commitment and have a blast along the way! Plus, she’s an irreplaceable volunteer at the Exhibitor Registration Desk, working efficiently with everlasting patience and good humor.

The enthusiasm of our volunteers over the past ten years, who give their time, expertise and effort, is a true testament to the lasting spirit of Green Festivals.

We are always on the lookout for Rock Star Volunteers! Join the team today. Learn more at www.greenfestivals.org/volunteer.

Have you volunteered in the past and have a fun story to tell? We would love to see photos of you during your volunteer shift! Please post a photo on the Green Festival Facebook wall and make sure to tag yourself!