Van Jones' New Book, "Rebuild the Dream" Launches April 4th

As a grassroots outsider who became a White House insider, Jones analyzes the social movements that elected Obama. He explains why the "hope" bubble quickly burst after 2008, and why the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street arose.

Jones then advances creative proposals to heal our democracy and create millions of jobs. Jones is the first former Obama White House official to write a book about his experiences.

Colorful, controversial and candid, Jones speaks for the first time about his personal journey through the halls of power

This provocative book elevates the conversation for rebuilding Dr. King’s Dream for all Americans in the 21st Century.

By ordering now, you can help put a strong voice for social justice on the bestseller lists – and demonstrate the power of a movement reborn.

Van Jones is founder of  Rebuild the Dream, a pioneering initiative to restore good jobs and economic opportunity. He is the co-founder of three, thriving organizations: the Ella Baker Center for Human RightsColor of Change, and Green For All. Jones is the author of the New York Times best seller, The Green Collar Economy.