Visionary or Missionary?

I’m Convinced There Are Truly Few Green Experts

Much like many of my fellow Green America members, I have many things I am passionate about. But if pressed, I have to admit I don’t have many of the answers. In fact, in most cases, the larger the problem, the fewer definitive answers we all seem to have on topics such as climate change, waste reduction, nuclear power, carbon footprint and water footprint. We are usually over-stocked on opinions, but fresh out of solutions, especially those that can be quickly and easily implemented.

I guess that is the nature of the beast we are battling in that there is no easy way to slay, or even control it. As much as we would like to believe our personal position is the only correct one, if we wait long enough, time and experience will usually prove us at least a little bit wrong.

The Green Path Forward

At other times it seems we are in violent agreement as we debate relatively minor points or even terminology. However, I am fairly confident we all share the same sense of urgency and concern about both the condition of the planet and the way its inhabitants are treated.

Even though we are not sure what is going to happen, we are quite certain how the story will end if we do nothing. So we continue to spread the word in an effort to enlighten the unbelievers and save us from ourselves. I think that makes us more missionaries than visionaries, doesn’t it?

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