Washington, D.C. Super Green Shopper Prize Winner

Congratulations to Nick Chronis, the winner of the Super Green Shopper Prize in Washington, D.C.! The prize was a basket full of gifts donated by our exhibitors.

Nick had this to say about Green Festival:
"I found Green Festivals through Living Fresh Collection’s Facebook Page. After doing some research, my attention was drawn to the different locations across the USA and its mission. As a father of 2 kids, I value the potential future of our whole livelihood for my kids and future generations to come."

On why he voted for Living Fresh Collection:
"My family has been sleeping on Living Fresh Collection’s Sheets for the past 6 months. My wife came home from a night with her girlfriends with these new sheets and said we were using them! To me, sheets are sheets. I have never been a big believer in thread count, etc. until Living Fresh Collection came along. I believe so strongly in them that my whole family uses them now. My vote was absolutely a personal one."

Every fan that votes for the Green Festival Brand Award automatically has the option to enter for the chance to win the Super Green Shopper Prize, a gift basket of green products from the Green Festival! Learn more about the Super Green Shopper Prize.

Super Green Shopper Prize Basket

We would like to thank the following exhibitors who contributed to the prize basket: