Why Solar Matters

The solar industry’s progress benefits consumers as well. In many parts of the U.S. today, homeowners can see their overall electricity bills go down 10-20% overnight just by switching to solar electric service through the availability of solar lease, without putting any money down or taking on debt. These types of industry innovations are allowing the rooftop revolution to spread to the masses. In fact, residential solar panel installations are up 66% over last year.

Whether the goal is decreasing energy bills or living a more sustainable lifestyle, 75% of Americans recognize solar as the way of the future. The Golden Coast’s goal is to install one million solar rooftops by 2018, and with the LADWP rebate, now is the time for LA-dwellers to help California reach its solar potential! For more information on how to bring residential solar to your rooftop, check out Sungevity’s easy online process at http://www.sungevity.com/get-your-iquote!