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Antioch offers graduate degrees in Env. Studies and a Green MBA

Antioch University Seattle

2326 6th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, USA, 98121 - View Map

Sustainability-focused graduate and B.A. completion programs

Antioch University Seattle offers sustainability-focused graduate and B.A. completion programs to help you make the world a better place - no matter where you live, work or play.

Phone: 206-441-5352

Antiochia USA LLC

1440 Mara Vista Ct, Crofton, MD, USA, 21114 - View Map

Olive Oil Soaps and Natural Bath Products

At Antiochia Natural Bath Products, we use the finest ingredients and traditional artisan methods from Antiochia, Turkey to create all-natural bath and body products. Every single piece is hand-made by artisans as it has been for hundreds of years; non-reliant on high energy consuming production processes.

Phone: (410)451-0854

Best Vegan Cheeses Ever 3 Flavors! Cook/Juice Books Vegan Chefs.

Fundraising initiative to fight great ape cruelty in West Africa

Apollo Spa

Green Building

Apollo Spas the largest spa retailer in the Northwest and US largest dealer of the top rated and most energy efficient spa in the World. Arctic Spas engineered for the Worlds harshest climates is also the most green spa on the market. Cabinets made from a renewable resource and completely recyclable. Castcore covers engineered to last 7+ years, rather than the normal 2 yrs reduces landfill waste. Fully upgradable at anytime and over engineered make this a spa that will last decades, rather than the typical 6-7 years reducing landfill waste. Onzen uses natural Dead Sea salt to sanitize rather than chemicals and reduces water usage by half.

5 West 63rd Street, New York, NY, 10023 - View Map

Outdoor Recreational & Educational Activities Run Locally to NYC

The New York-North Jersey Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (also known as the AMC) hosts over 2,000 outdoor recreation activities per year. We were the very first Chapter in AMC. Our 12,000 plus members come from throughout the New York City metro, southeastern New York, and northeastern New Jersey area. Whatever your outdoor interests are, we have something for you. With over 12,000 members, the New York-North Jersey Chapter is the second largest of the 12 regional chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Our Chapter offers its members more than 20 outdoor events on most weekends, many for beginners. We know that you would enjoy many of them, and we’d like you to come along. We invite you to join us on our activities and to help us conserve and preserve those outdoor resources that we all enjoy. We promote the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Appalachian region, and believe these resources have intrinsic worth and provide recreational opportunities, spiritual renewal, and ecological and economic health for the region.

Phone: 646-292-5255

Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company

362 Depot Street, Suite 1, Asheville, NC, USA, 28801 - View Map

Appalatch is a heritage inspired, responsibly priced clothing co.

Appalatch is a heritage inspired, responsibly priced outdoor apparel company located in Asheville, NC. Made in the USA, our clothes honors the Blue Ridge Mountain lifestyle and can only be found online at

Phone: 828-367-7232

Apple Park

2350 Taylor Street #1, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94133 - View Map

luxury eco-friendly toys & baby accessories

A is for Apple Park where the Picnic Pals play and the apples grow in the shape of hearts. The naturally hypoallergenic plush toys and accessories are handmade with love and 100% organic cotton, natural silk and sustainable corn, hemp and recycled materials. They are made in a GOTS certified organic factory.

Phone: 415-928-4401

PO Box 21115, Washington, DC, 20009 - View Map

Philanthropic organization serving homeless people & pets.

Philanthropic organization serving homeless people & pets.

Aquabarrel Rain Barrels

554 N. Frederick Ave, GAITHERSBURG, MD, 20877 - View Map

Rain Barrels, Downspout Filters and Diverters

Rain barrels designed by a person that actually uses their rain barrel for rain water containment.Rain Barrels from 30 to 214 gallons. Rain Barrel Kits for the Do-It-Yourself'er.Check out the Aquabarrel website for new and exciting rain water diversion and containment products."Save the Baby Rain Drops" ™

Phone: 301.253.8855

AquaGreen Dispositions

Eco-friendly FLAMELESS CREMATION! Uses water instead of fire!

The Greener Choice to Burial or Flame Cremation

Flameless Cremation offers families the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the environment on behalf of their loved one by making a decision that saves energy and reduces pollution.

The process uses WATER instead of fire to bring the body back to the eco-system, for a truly green process

Uses 85% less energy than a traditional flame cremation Medical implants, which melt in cremation or are lost due to burial, are not affected andare recycled No burning of caskets or fossil fuels No mercury pollution released from dental fillings The carbon footprint is less than 1/10of a flame cremation No trees cut down for caskets or for burial land Ashes returned to the family Think Outside the Casket!

Phone: 708-606-0211

1514 E 168th St, South Holland, IL, USA, 60473 - View Map

Eco-friendly flameless cremation! Water instead of fire!

Phone: 708-606-0211

Aramistique Artist and Wellness Retreat

251 Bailey Rd, Zillah, Wa, USA, 98953 - View Map

The womb entered 2 days to emerge rejuvenated & ready to create.

Tucked into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains nestled in Washington's wine country lies Aramistique Artist/Wellness Retreat. Artists of all genre seeking to unblock creativity, couples needing time to reconnect, one wishing to learn healthy choices, anyone needing time just to "be"- find Aramistique the place for life's peace.

Phone: 509-829-5006