E Magazine


Now in its 21st year, E-The Environmental Magazine is a bimonthly clearinghouse of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know What can I do? to make a difference. A 13-time Independent Press Awards winner and nominee, E is chock full of everything environmental -- from recycling to rainforests, and from the global village to our own backyards.

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Earth Balance

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Based in Boulder, Colo., Earth Balance® produces a line of delicious buttery spreads, shortenings, nut butters, soymilk, refrigerated mayonnaise and coconut spread. All Earth Balance® products are all plant-based, vegan, made without artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils, free of gluten, lactose and eggs, offering a delicious alternative for health conscious individuals and those with food sensitivities.

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Earth Island Journal


Earth Island Journal's combination of hard hitting exposes and inspiring stories of grassroots movements encourages readers to take action for ecological sustainability. We have won a half dozen Project Censored Awards for uncovering stories ignored by larger media outlets. On three occasions, Utne Reader has recognized the Journal for top environmental coverage, most recently in 2007, when the Utne editors wrote: The environment is surely the biggest news story of our day, and we're glad Earth Island Journal is on it.

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Earthbound Farm


Celebrating 26 years of dedication to organic farming.

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http://Earthgarage.com/">Earthgarage.comshows drivers how to make their car greener. We’ve found the products and services to help you get more gas mileage, manage your fuel use, drive more efficiently and save money. Try our MoneySaver calculator and see what you can save on gas.



Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands. Earthsite specializes in green and social design, web 2.0 development, and social media marketing.



EarthTechling is an online consumer publication focused on all things green technology. From clean energy and electric vehicles to green gadgets and green buildings, our passionate team and readers weigh in on the latest green news, services, and products. Join the conversation atEarthTechling.com, on Facebook, and via Twitter.


Earthworks’ Recycle My Cell Phone campaign is a grassroots effort to build awareness about recycling and the environmental impacts of cell phones. We seek to educate consumers about the impacts of their purchases, beginning with the extraction of raw materials through the end of product life. Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the impacts of irresponsible mineral and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions.

Echoing Green


Echoing Green unleashes next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems. Echoing Green is a nonprofit social venture fund that identifies and supports the world’s best emerging social entrepreneurs—society’s change agents. We understand the difficulties faced by social innovators who challenge the status quo with bold ideas for a better world. We invest in these next generation change agents and create an ecosystem that celebrates social innovation as a high-impact strategy for social change.

The Eco Hero project is composed of an art challenge and a writing exercise. Participants are encouraged to make an art piece that expresses their wishes/vision for a Sustainable Planet and perhaps also write a letter to their leaders, urging them to safeguard the quality of our environment and to invest in healthy communities for the sake of the present and the future generations to come. 

Eco Planet Radio and Cerphe's Progressive Show

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Eco Planet Radio and Cerphe's Progressive Show are proud to be an official Media Partner of Green Festival, Washington, D.C. And we invite you to listen to Cerphe's Progressive Show on EcoPlanetRadio.com where music guru Cerphe takes you on a free form journey of rock without rules. From theme sets, deep tracks and lost classics to the well known and unknown, no music is off limits. In addition to world class music, the show also includes eco friendly tips. With great seques, creative theme sets, and easy ways to help the environment, Cerphe

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Long Desc: Eco-Me is a natural products company specializing in you. Really! We care about the health of your home, family and pets. Eco-Me was born out of need and concern. The need to remove dangerous chemicals from our homes and environment and the concern that the toxins emitted from every day products has encouraged the rapid increase of disease in our society. Eco-Me products can be found in stores across the US and Canada as well as online at http://www.eco-me.com/">www.eco-me.com. That's why we created natural cleaning, pet and personal care products using ingredients you can find right in your kitchen, like vinegar, baking soda and olive oil. The ingredients are so simple, you'll think to yourself or sing out loud, "I could make this myself!" AND you can, we can even help you with that, simply use our easy DIY kits so you can make your own natural products right at home. Fresh, Healthy and Non-Toxic, now that is green!



Ecobold.com is an online marketplace that makes it as easy as possible to buy and sell natural, organic and non-toxic products. Ecobold’s mission is simple: to drive an increase in the consumption of safe products over non-safe ones, in a very affordable and convenient way. Ecobold: good for you and your body.

EcoMetro Guide

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attractions in their community. EcoMetro Guide functions as a resource book, as well as a coupon book for enjoying the best of what's green and local in the neighborhood.Celilo Group Media publishes EcoMetro Guide in the East Bay and Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz, CA and Denver, CO; Chinook Book in Portland and Seattle/Puget Sound and Blue Sky Guide in Minneapolis/St Paul. The guide has been very well received and enjoyed participation from many cities, organizations and over 300 local businesses with a renewal rate of over 80% from our business partners. The guides feature a resource section with useful tips and information on topics spanning energy conservation, recycling and selecting organic foods. This section also includes neighborhood maps highlighting many coupon vendors. The other half of the book contains about 300 coupons covering the following categories: grocery, dining, entertainment and family, yard and garden, travel and recreation and home.EcoMetro Guides are distributed through natural food stores, neighborhood cafes, bookstores and gift shops and through fundraisers in local schools, churches and community organizations. Our guides are sold for $20 and offer organizations a very targeted audience of readers who adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Eden Pest


Eden Advanced Pest Solutions is a leading PNW pest control company with the highest standards in quality and customer care. We love providing peace of mind to our clients! Eden's well trained staff offers protection for both commercial properties and homeowners and we have protection services for a wide range of Northwest pests, including bed bugs, birds, and mosquitoes...just to name a few! Eden’s Integrated Pest Management system utilizes intelligent, green pest control practices – such as heat treatments and environmental modifications – to treat infestations with minimal impact on the local ecosystem, resulting in safe, efficient and long-term pest prevention.

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Edun Live

Edun Live tee shirts are 100% grew to sew African. By purchasing them, you are contributing to needed trade in Africa and helping small farmer holders enrich their communities from selling organic cotton.


Endangered Species Chocolate


Endangered Species Chocolate is committed to providing premium, natural and organic chocolates that are ethically tradedand sustainably grown. Adding to the impact of each chocolate bar, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to fund species and habitat conservation. Indulge in a cause.

Entercom Seattle


Entercom is one of the five largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States, with a nationwide portfolio of 110 stations in 23 markets, including San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Sacramento and Kansas City. Known for developing unique and highly successful, locally programmed stations, Entercom is home to some of radio's most distinguished brands and compelling personalities. The company is also the radio broadcast partner of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Kansas City Royals, New Orleans Saints and Buffalo Sabres. Entercom focuses on creating effective integrated marketing solutions for its customers that incorporate the company's audio, digital and experiential assets. The company has a long standing commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship. Entercom stations play a vital, hands on role in improving their communities, providing over $100 million in annual support for local charitable organizations. The company's radio stations have received numerous awards, including multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in broadcast journalism and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Awards for excellence in radio broadcasting. In 2007, Forbes magazine named Entercom one of America's Most Trustworthy Companies.

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Essentia makes the only Natural Memory Foam mattresses in the world! Get all the comfort of memory foam, without all the chemicals and toxins that could make you sick.

Essentia has been featured in ‘O’ The Oprah Magazine, The Rachael Ray Show, The Huffington Post, and most recently on Dr. Oz's Hot List as his #1 favorite product.

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Eucalyptus Magazine

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Eucalyptus Magazine is the San Francisco Bay Area’s resource for green and health-conscious lifestyles. Through our print publication, website and networking events, we share knowledge and inspire our readers to celebrate their health, support local businesses and surrounding communities, and protect the environment we live in.

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Evolver LA


Evolver Los Angeles is part of the Evolver Network with regional activity in more than 40 cities worldwide. Directed by writer and editor, Jill Ettinger, and master gardener and multidisciplinary artist, Baza Novic, Evolver Los Angeles supports creative transformation through a focus on leading edge art projects, musical performances, film screenings, educational presentations, workshops and social activism with a focus on organic living and sustainability. Visit http://evolvernetwork.org/" mce_href="/evolvernetwork.org for more information.

Evolver NYC


Evolver.net supports a new planetary culture that is playful and pragmatic, visionary and vital, coherent and compassionate. We provide tools and ideas, promoting holistic values for a society that is not just sustainable, but regenerative. Through our network of local communities, we inspire people to participate, joyfully and passionately, in the evolution underway.  We are also expanding consciousness "bite by bite" through our web magazine, Reality Sandwich, Evolver Intensive webinars, and retreats.

Exhale Mind Body Spa


Exhale offers unparalleled, transformational yoga classes within an inspiring and relaxing sanctuary. We live and breathe the yin and the yang, believing that when energy shifts, transformation results, http://www.exhalespa.com/">www.exhalespa.com