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San Francisco Film Society

39 Mesa Street, Suite 110, San Francisco, CA, 94129-1025 - View Map

The San Francisco Film Society is Northern Californias premiere organization for filmmakers and cineastes.

Internationally recognized throughout its first half century of groundbreaking activity, and poised to dynamically respond to the rapidly changing needs of its industry and constituents well into the future, the Film Society offers an inclusive and rewarding range of year round public programs that investigate and celebrate the artistry and innovation of the worlds most pivotal and imaginative cinematic visionaries.

The Film Society educates, entertains and enriches diverse audiences and communities with programs and events in four core areas: embracing internationalism; educating Bay Area youth; celebrating Bay Area film and media; and exploring new media and digital technology.

Phone: 415-561-5000

Satori Movement

Satori Movement brings sustainability to fashion using hemp, organic and recycled fibers. Satori offers a full range of sustainable apparel and accessories for both men and women active and casual wear.A collective of creative, progressive thinking, organically driven individuals, the Satori Movement continually strives to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact and improve our quality of life, one sustainable garment at a time. The Movement shares awareness, positivity, culture and great products promoting a natural, organic lifestyle.

Phone: 415-252-0148

Seattle Climate Action Now

PO Box 94729, Seattle, WA, 98124-4729 - View Map

Seattle Climate Action Now is an exciting effort to give everyone in Seattle the tools needed to start making a real difference at home, at work, and on the road. It will bring you together with people across the street and across town to take action to protect the climate for all of us and for future generations.

Phone: 206.684-3267

Seattle Natural Awakenings

3815 S Othello St. Ste 100-186, Seattle, WA, 98118 - View Map

Natural Awakenings magazine is a free monthly healthy lifestyle publication offering cutting edge information on natural health, green living, fitness, personal growth and creative expression.

Phone: 206-788-7313

Seattle Weekly

As a media company it is our responsibility to not only report on sustainable businesses but to also be one. From daily office routines to printer selection to more digital products, Seattle Weekly is continually making strides to be more sustainable. Learn more about our Green Texts and Coupon Newsletter at our booth.

Phone: 206-623-0500


Seismologik Media began in May 2010 in response to the thousands of everyday examples that reflect the wasteful way we live on and use up resources on Earth. We introduce you to all the movers, shakers, creators, and resisters who are committed to practicing living sustainably and cooperatively on the Planet.

SF Station

SF Station is San Francisco Bay Area's definitive online city guide to Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Food, Shopping, and Urban Living for 21 45 year old 'socially active' users.

SF Weekly



SF Weekly is your free source for news, music, movies, restaurants, reviews, & events that take place in the beautiful San Francisco. We provide readers in the San Francisco Bay Area with award-winning news coverage and provocative coverage of arts and entertainment. Our audience is an active group of urban professionals that are as diverse as the city we cover. With a circulation of 65,000, the paper each week reaches 555,000 active, educated and affluent readers per month.



7936 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, IL, U.S., 60619 - View Map

ShoreBank is America's first and leading community development and environmental bank, mobilizing financial resources to build personal wealth and sustainable communities. To invest in ways that reflect your values, visit or call (800) 669 7725, x 4700. Together let's redefine what's possible.


Phone: 800.905.7725

ShoreBank Pacific

2720 Third Ave., Suite 1, Seattle, WA, U.S., 98121 - View Map

ShoreBank Pacific is leading the banking industry with a commitment to sustainable community development. Through our innovative evaluation system, we help customers identify ways to increase energy efficiencies, reduce reliance on natural resources, and reduce waste, all while improving their bottom lines. Put your money to work for a better tomorrow. Ask about EcoDeposits today!, 206 340 2700.

Phone: 888-326-2265

Siren Skirts

One of a kind, knitwear for women celebrating the feminine form

"The Siren, you cannot resist. Beautiful, strong, & sexy; We embrace the silhouette of a woman. High-end fashion, bringing exclusivity worldwide. Creating new pieces with remnants, throwing nothing away. Every piece is a work of art. Featured designer, NYC Fashion Week 2013; Finalist in EcoFashion Designer SponsorMe Awards, London 2013."


Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas(r)) has delivered clean, safe, and affordable natural gas for more than 140 years. However, we do more than provide reliable energy: we believe treating Earth's resources with respect is critical. SoCalGas actively minimizes our impact on air and water quality, contributes to conservation agencies to protect sensitive habitats, and drives innovative energy efficiency projects. Also, we help businesses that produce organic waste repurpose it into a renewable fuel called biogas.


"We are an American Woman-Owned GREEN social enterprise that cares for the planet, environment, and people. We collect clothes, shoes, and toys to keep them out of landfills. The usable items go to our charity partners and the non-usable, ripped, old, stained, and torn items get recycled into cool Eco-products, such as organic home insulation, car seat stuffing, and more so nothing goes to waste. Help support our planet and some of your favorite charities such as the American Red Cross, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, GMHC and many others by requesting a clothes recycling bin at your building, workplace, business, health club, hotel, school, college, etc. To request a bin please call (800) 584 0460. To learn more about SpinGreen please visit our website at" target="_blank">  We give clothes a second chance. Go Green with SpinGreen! SpinGreen will be collecting clothes & shoes at Green Festivals New York to help preserve our environment and help three of your favorite charities. The clothes collection bin will be set up by the entrance! Please step by our booth #104 to collect your raffle for a chance to win a cool Eco prize."

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Spirituality & Health magazine is made by and for a community of people like you—spiritual wonderers, wellness seekers, people who recognize the interdependence of our health, our communities, and our environment. Each issue of Spirituality & Health offers inspiration and ideas to help you on your spiritual journey and path to better health, drawing from the wisdom of many traditions and cultures, as well as science, psychology, sociology, and medicine. Welcome to our community!


66 Franklin St. #310, Oakland, CA, United States, 94607 - View Map

Simple, Affordable Home Solar with No Deposit

Phone: 510 496 5500

Sustainable Industries

Sustainable Industries is an independent media company serving business leaders with its magazine, business guides, web site, webinars, and events. Offering news, tools and analysis on the environmental and social components of business, we connect the dots between key sectors including Clean Energy, Building and Technology.

Phone: 415.762.3941


SustainU is a clothing company focused on changing the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives. By creating 100% recycled apparel that’s made in the USA, we want people to change the way they think about their clothing, and how they live their lives. Wear a better story.