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Hemp Oil Canada Inc. (HOCI)


Company Products

Hemp Food Products Hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed, toasted or roasted hemp seed, sterilized hemp seed, hemp flour, hemp protein powder, hemp seed cake & hemp coffee. All food products are Kosher certified and available as Certified Organic.
All food products are gluten free and are produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides
All hemp products are available in retail sizes under the Prairie Emerald brand or bulk wholesale quantities. Contact us for custom processing & private label information.

Company Background

Hemp Oil Canada Inc was incorporated in March 1998, the same month that Health Canada re legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp in Canada. Hemp Oil Canada is an innovative agri food processing company located just south of the City of Winnipeg, in the heart of the Canadian Prairies and largest region of hemp seed production. Our customers include other value added companies from the food processing industry as well as organizations involved with vitamin supplements, health & natural foods, cosmetics and industrial use applications. Hemp Oil Canada is dedicated to the procurement, processing, marketing and distribution bulk wholesale and private label and packing of hemp food. Hemp Oil Canada is determined to bring hemp food products into the mainstream by creating greater public awareness and media exposure with regards to the exceptional nutritional profile of hemp seeds, their good taste, and their environmental benefits.

Competitive Position

Hemp Oil Canada is the largest producer of bulk hemp seed and oil products in North America. We are vertically integrated from field to store shelf. Focus on marketing, customer service and Quality.