Green Festival Speakers

Leah Patriarco



Leah Patriarco is a member of the Allium Collective in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood and a member of the initial Chicago Conservation Corps group of leaders. She is currently working toward a teaching certificate with intentions to teach in Chicago Public Schools. With the support of the Chicago Conservation Corps, Leah organized a rain barrel distribution for the 46th Ward during which she worked with community members to distribute rain barrels to 46th Ward residents and nonprofits. This distribution, called Uptown Rain Barrels, was the first Chicago Conservation Corps project to be completed.

The Allium Collective is an urban community dedicated to activism and ethical living practices. This year they will be organizing their second monthlong fast from electricity to highlight the connection between our individual choices, foreign policy, and the environment. Another member of the Allium Collective will be working with the Chicago Conservation Corps to increase the community engagement involved with the fast. The fast, called Lights Off, will begin March 20th and will end April 20th with the beginning of the Chicago Green Festival. For more information visit www.alliumcollective.org.