Green Festival Speakers

Sanjay Rajan



Sanjay Rajan, Chief Co(r)evolution Officer, SLOWCOLOR, grew up in Hyderabad, India. He has lived and worked in multiple countries on multiple continents and first arrived in the US in 1992. Rajan completed an MS Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University in 1995. And holds dual executive MBA global degrees from Columbia and London Business Schools, 2011.

Since 1997 Boulder, Colorado has been his home. Rajan has always had a focus on community: He served as Art Commissioner for City of Boulder, ensuring judicious allocation of public funds for community-based art initiatives. And was Peak Steward and Volunteer Crew Leader with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, managing and coordinating high-impact environmental projects on Colorado’s tallest peaks.

In 2009 Rajan was struck by reports of the rash of suicides among weavers around Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Recognizing the still undervalued asset of India’s rich textile heritage, Rajan got to work and envisioned SLOWCOLOR, a social enterprise that could preserve this heritage and drive change for environmental sustainability and social impact. Mahatma Gandhi is Rajan’s personal hero. And it is fitting that SLOWCOLOR focuses on developing stronger markets for India’s handloom sector. Further SLOWCOLOR focuses on rejuvenating natural dyeing traditions and works exclusively with plant and mineral-based dyes for all its products.

Rajan firmly believes business has to be an affective agent for world benefit. Using the social enterprise model, Rajan challenges all stakeholders to reevaluate the role of business in society.