Green Festival Speakers

James Rasmussen


James is the current Coordinator of Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition / Technical Advisory Group. He has had a long background with environmental work on the Duwamish River. James is a current member of the Duwamish Tribe and has served on the tribal council for twenty-five years. He is a founding member of DRCC as well as founding member and past president of The Green Duwamish Watershed Alliance and a founding member of WRIA #9 that oversees all aspects of Listing of Coho Salmon as threatened in the Green Duwamish Watershed and putting together the WRIA #9 habitat plan. He has been working on all aspects and issues on the Duwamish River: creating habitat, identifying pollution sources, working with polluters and industry as well as the Port of Seattle, City of Seattle and King County, WA Dept. of Ecology and EPA along with community groups as well as tribes to clean up and create opportunities for a better Duwamish River.