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Raw Creations

8400 S Roberts Rd, Justice, IL, USA, 60629 - View Map


Raw Creations is a company focused on creating the purest Raw and allergy restricted desserts that not only taste good, but also are good for you. Our line of Raw desserts are free from allergy triggers such as Wheat/Gluten, Soy, and Dairy, while catering to those on a sodium restricted diet as well as diabetics by incorporating low-glycemic items. These desserts contain only the purest Raw/Organic ingredients, and have not been heated at extreme temperatures, to allow for the enzymes, minerals, and life giving nutrients to remain intact. Raw Creations is also a big proponent of Organic foods, and as such has had all products Certified Organic. Our goal is to allow almost anyone to enjoy these delectable desserts, and feel good about eating them. We also focus on the environment by using environmentally friendly packaging made from corn, and plant cellulose.