Green Festival Speakers

One Eyed Rhyno



In 2004 James 'Jimmy' Hunter (now 16) was only nine years old when he started the band, One Eyed Rhyno, for a school talent show.  Although the Classic Rock and Blues band has had different backing musicians, his big sister and drummer, Elaine (19), has always been beside him.

James and Elaine were raised with the concern of care of the environment.  Their first gigs included The Creek Week Celebration in Sacramento.  After seeing pollution in their own community creeks and learning of the Exxon oil spill James was inspired to write ‘The Bird’  when he was nine.

Fast forward 6 years later. After seeing the horrific Gulf oil leak  in 2010, One Eyed Rhyno, along with Underage Records in Marin re-recorded 'The Bird' and released it  on I-Tunes. One Eyed Rhyno, in association with SCA ( Student Conservation Association), agreed that download proceeds would be donated to SCA to help fund the Gulf clean up.

This young band hopes to inspire everyone of all ages to take care of our planet now and always. As James sings, “You better save tomorrow before you lose today.”