Green Festival Speakers

Jeffrey Richardson



Jeffrey Richardson, President/CEO, Imani Energy, Inc., is a green entrepreneur, and activist/organizer. He leads Imani Energy, Inc a solar technology/energy business that manages residential and commercial solar power system installations and provides training and employment to residents of low-income and people of color communities. Imani is established in Los Angeles as a first step in replicating its business model nationally. Jeffrey directed Imani Energy’s development and implementation of a first of its kind solar sales training through a public/private partnership with the Los Angeles Community College District’s, Small Business Dream Center. The training prepares participants for careers in solar power system sales. Jeffrey has over twenty-five years of experience in organizational management, fundraising/resource acquisition, community economic and strategy development with a primary focus on increasing the accountability of systems to low-income and people of color communities and on buildingeffective and equitable partnerships between businesses, nonprofits, communities and government. Jeffrey holds a Bachelors Degree in journalism and Masters in Philosophy from Ohio University, Athens Ohio.