Green Festival Speakers

Yvette Mari Robles


Yvette Mari Robles graduated in 2004 from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Psychology, emphasis in CrossCultural Psychology, and a minor in Speech Communications. She currently serves as the Director of BMAGIC, a non profit social, educational and juvenile justice collaborative comprised of 45 community based organizations in Bayview Hunters Point. Yvette is an abolitionist, womanist, grassroots fundraiser, community builder and social researcher. She assists in providing alternatives to incarceration through collaborative programming, advocating for public policy and restorative justice that is inclusive of the communities needs. Yvette is currently a board member for the DataCenter and a community advisory board member for the Bayview Essential School, Coalition of Essential Small Schools. Yvette has a dedicated vision to strengthening and sustaining systems of change created by and for communities of color.