Green Festival Speakers

Tye Rogerson



Eyes open or closed, always traveling. Rogerson is graduating this June from the University of Washington with a degree in environmental studies. Rogerson is now qualified to save the world. Indeed, just how to do so on an individual and communal level has been examined as part of his senior project on yurts and carbon footprints. Friday, June 11th at the Om Culture Center marks the culmination of Rogerson's efforts in this area. A full screening of Yurtprints: Taking Big Steps toward a Smaller Footprint, as well as an actual yurt raising, presentations by yurt experts and a potluck will be open to anyone interested. Many of the other artists at the Green Festival this year have been springs of consistent inspiration during his 13 years in Seattle. Foreign and famous writers he looks to, in varying quantities and in no particular order, are: Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Blackalicious, Bill McKibben, Eminem, Khalil Gibran, Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Kafka, Blake Butler, Jack Kerouac, Pink Floyd, JLive and many more.