Green Festival Speakers

Teure Sala


Sala has been a prosecutor and public speaker for more 15 years. She is currently the Community Court prosecutor for the Seattle City Attorneys Office, a problemsolving court designed to reduce recidivism by connecting nonviolent offenders with various social service agencies to address homelessness, poverty and isolation. This is a pilot program wherein Salas role is to screen individuals for eligibility, ensure offenders are held accountable for their criminal behavior and engage in program planning and development.

Sala previously worked as community prosecutor assisting community members in their efforts to address chronic public safety concerns within their neighborhood. In this capacity, she developed creative problemsolving solutions and partnered with various businesses, government agencies and law enforcement to implement action plans. She also created and conducted public training workshops that empowered residents to become more involved with their community.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, Sala has undertaken a lifetime commitment towards the support and empowerment of victims of criminal behavior. She is a charismatic individual who has spent 20 years working with various therapeutic modalities in order to better articulate the complications of victimization and trauma to the larger community. Sala has an extensive history working with and speaking on behalf of victims through her work as a prosecutor and volunteer with various restorative justice organizations. She is a dynamic speaker and can effectively communicate the subtle nuances surrounding the short and longterm effects of sexual abuse, violence and childhood emotional trauma.

Sala has a BA in humanities from LeMoyneOwen College, a historically black college in Memphis, TN.