City: Annapolis

Energy Saver RB, LLC

2455 Hudson Street, Annapolis, MD, United States, 21401 - View Map

Helping to lower your monthly energy bills

Provides Space Age Technology brought into your home to reduce the amount of time your air conditioning and heating units, which saves electricity and money on your power bill.

Phone: 888-253-6900

Swell Foop

10 Cheston Ave, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21401 - View Map

Stylish, Organic, Made-in-the-USA Apparel

Our shirts are all 100% organic cotton and are made, printed and finished right here in the USA. We are also proud to donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profits dedicated to environment causes.Our shirts feature rare and endangered animals along with positive taglines, like Live Gently and Be Green. We began with a few shirts on a table at a Farmers Market in Montana. Thanks to you, were now spreading our positive message and our sustainable products across the country.We have shirts for everyone in the family, including babies, toddlers, men and women. If you're looking for unique gift ideas, you've come to the right place.Check out our new organic cotton tote bags, too!

Phone: 800.807.4628

Miko Wheeler + Co

1811 McGuckian Street, Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 21401 - View Map

Eco-friendly Kitchen, bath cabinetry, countertops, flooring & mor...

Kitchen, Bath & Beyond: Green Cabinetry & all the countertop options to go with such as Richlite, Icestone, Alkemi, Recycled Plastics, reclaimed & FSC woods. We offer paint finishes, tile, flooring, custom design/build furniture and complete design/consulting service. We are also a liscensed contractor. Servicing Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington

Phone: 410-626-0027

Aid Through Trade

626C Admiral Dr. #606, Annapolis, MD, 21401 - View Map

Fair Trade glass beaded jewelry, silk textiles.

Exquisite glass beaded jewelry handmade by women artisans in Nepal as well as luxurious silk textiles from Vietnam. Our products are gorgeous, affordable and Fair Trade.

Phone: 410-266-8857

Hague Quality Water of Maryland, Inc.

1346 Cape St. Claire Road, Annapolis, MD, United States of America, 21409 - View Map

Residential and Commercial Water Filtration

As the innovative leader in water filtration, Hague specializes in commercial & residential applications. With a range of treatment options, Hague can fix virtually any water problem from replacing bottled water with state-of-the-art filtration coolers, whole house to commercial grade units. We offer a free Green Survey and equipment consultation.

Phone: 410-757-2992

Global Baskets LLC

Old Mill Bottom Road South, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21409 - View Map

Eco-Baskets with Customizable Energy Efficient Products

Dazzling Eco-Baskets Jam-Packed with Customizable Energy Efficient Products

Phone: 202-498-2640

Atlantic Woodworks

9 Lincoln Court, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21401 - View Map

Custom and Factory made Eco-Friendly Cabinetry

Atlantic Woodworks is proud to provide our customers with beautiful eco-friendly materials, cabinets, and finishes. We have become an exclusive dealer for Breathe Easy and Neil Kelly Cabinetry. Beyond offering pre-made cabinets, Atlantic Woodworks can complete your furniture needs with eco-friendly options for countertops, flooring, and surfaces with such materials as: Durat, Paperstone, Alkemi, EcoFinishes, Marmoleum, Ice Stone, and Richlite. Come to our design and sample showroom to discuss your commitment to a greener world through quality additions to your home or office.

Phone: 410-263-1770

CATalyst Council

Box 3064, Annapolis, MD, 21403 - View Map

Where all cats are valued and cared for as pets

CATalyst Council is a national coalition which includes a wide variety of animal health and welfare organizations working together to improve the health and welfare of America’s favorite- yet often misunderstood and even disparaged- pet. The Council was founded in 2008 in response to troubling statistics released by the American Veterinary Medical Association that indicate an increase in our nation’s pet cat population coupled with a decline in veterinary care and increase in preventable conditions. Through its programs helping both shelters and veterinarians, CATalyst Council is committed to being a change agent for cats and communities.

1205 Grant Street, Annapolis, MD, USA, 21403 - View Map

Create pure, healthy, and inexpensive water from your tap water.

What is best? Ordinary tap water, well water, ionized water, distilled water, bottled water..

So many choices: Come talk with me abut what is right for you and your family. I canhelp you have clean inexpensive water in your home AND suppport our environment with the removal of harmful plastics.

Wehave lakes of plastic bottles floating around the world!

Chlorine and fluoride in city water is not good for anyone especially children or anyone with health issues.

Most wells need some treatment to make water usable for laundry..what about the bacteria for contaminated ground water.

Research is showing that pipes in our houses that carry water from basement systems to our kitchen taps are contributing bacteria and some heavy metals. It is being recommended that people clean the water coming from the tap.

Our counter top or cooler style units are the least expensive on the market and the technology removes bacteria, chlorine, flouride, heavy metals,dissolved solids, and synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

I will work with charities to fund raise by selling at wholesale prices and setting up the structure for sales. I can also manage the sales.

Drop by and see me at booth 930 near the beer and wine area.

Phone: 4433701277