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Papaya Creative Abandon

2305C Ashland St #406, Ashland, OR 97520 - View Map

Papaya Stationary Line - Art for Soul- Booth #1415

Papaya Creative Abandon is art for the soul in recycled paper. They are created by a mother and daughter team who are trying to be different and unique constantly. Its a funky, artsy yet very spiritual line that consist of recyceld journals, greeting cards, magnets, gift enclosures, and art prints. Check them out at booth#1415

Phone: Beril: 510 610 2480

Temple Bella Clothing

190 crispin, Ashland, OR, USA - View Map

Yoga day active ware that hugs your curves.Look and feel sexy in these eye catching Brazilian inspired low rise, wide waistband, bootleg cut Pants.

Phone: 541.301.2399

Challenge & Fun, Inc.

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Simple, natural, adorable toys responsibly produced.

We are a retailer and wholesaler of natural, eco-friendly baby & children's toys. Many of our toys are made with organic cotton and/or sustainably harvested wood. Most of our products are made in the USA or Europe. We strive to work with small suppliers that have a similar outlook in terms of toys & play. In particular, we use three words to describe our toys: Simple, Natural, Adorable.Simple: We look for toys without the bells & whistles, toys that encourage imagination & creativity.Natural: Many of our toys are made with organic cotton and/or sustainably forested wood. Adorable: We believe a child learns about life from their environment, including their toys. Beautiful, well-made, toys will help them to appreciate beautiful things. It goes without saying that NONE of our toys are made with child or sweatshop labor. We will be featuring organic stuffed animals & dolls from Kallisto, Lana, & Keptin-Jr, as well as other select wooden products made in Europe and/or USA.

Phone: 888-384-6200

Home Power Magazine

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Guide to renewable energy and sustainable living technologies.

Independently published since 1987, Home Power is the premier information source for home-scale renewable energy and sustainable living technologies.

Phone: 800-707-3585

Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company

2220 Ashland Street, Ashland, OR, USA, 97520 - View Map

Heartsong Chai and Heartsong Pepper Brews are handcrafted with organic spices and made with love in Ashland, Oregon. The Heartsong Pepper Brews and Heartsong Chai are pioneers in the beverage industry. These healthful and invigorating brews are the natural evolution of Americas energy drink fascination. There is nothing like Heartsong on the market. Our Brews, our organization, our Chai Hut, they are evolutionary points of light in industrial culture.

Phone: 541-488-5614

Liquid Fire Mantra

1124 Old Hwy.99, Ashland, OR, United States, 97520 - View Map

Fair trade, handcrafted Sacred Geometry and Sigil Jewelry.

Liquid Fire Mantra is Jewelry and Performance Art Company based out of Ashland Oregon, who believe in the power of art to inspire and create positive change in the world. Symbols and Sacred Geometry are prominent through out their work along with empowering elements of nature. Intricately detailed, great care is instilled into every aspect of these fair trade, hand crafted designs. Having deep reverence for nature, Liquid Fire Mantra is committed to Green Business practices by using renewable resources and low impact environmental methods.Come find us at booth 415. Fair Trade in our business means that we evaluate each one of our business relationships individually and to each individual needs. This is created through direct and intimate relationships with each one of our workers, employees and colleagues.To us "Green" is not only the values that uphold the environment, but it is being committed to expanding our understanding of our biodynamics and how this understanding can be employed. Green to us, is living each day with the questions: What is our impact? Are we being accountable for our actions? How can we be in service to support the whole?

Phone: 541-301-4476

Pure Bar - Raw & Organic Food Bars

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Pure Bar- Raw &Organic Food Bar #1415

Pure Bar is a raw and organic bar that is amazingly chewy and sweet with flavorful ingredients like cocoa, cherries, cinnamon, a variety of nuts, and sweet, healthy dates. Its fortified with gentle brown rice protein and low glycemic agave nectar. It provides 15 essential vitamins and minerals, 400 mg. of healthy omega III fats and 4 grams of organic fiber.

Phone: Bright Light Marketing - 510 610 2480

Sweetgrass Natural Fibers

P.O. Box 1301, Ashland, Oregon, USA, 97520 - View Map

Sustainable, organic, contemporary clothing made in the USA.

Sustainable and Organic clothing that is contemporary, comfortable and fabulous! Men's and Women's styles suitable for any occasion. Made responsibly in the USA.

Phone: 877-391-8936


PO Box 1192, Ashland, OR, United States, 97520 - View Map

Premium organic yerba mate.

We started EcoTeas in the kitchen of our home in Ashland, Oregon. We came together as three best friends with a shared vision: to create a grassroots tea company that supports organic agriculture, fair trade business practices, and healthy living. We strive to inspire simple, healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Phone: 541.482.7745