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Gail's Vegetarian Catering

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Food Vendor-Event Consultation- Contest for Free Dinner

GAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING serves the Greater Washington area with gourmet cuisine. GVC's customized menus guarantee satisfaction: intriguing and delighting the palate with old favorites and new creations.GAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING uses fresh seasonal produce, wholesome ingredients and emphasizes organics. We create menus from a mix of traditional and ethnic selections to satisfy everyone. We gladly cater to special dietary restrictions.GAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING caters business and social events of any size, adapts the presentation to meet your needs.GAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING specializes in: Vegetarian WeddingsGAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING experienced and responsive staff provides impeccable service. You relax and enjoy your event knowing that every need will be satisfied.GAIL’S VEGETARIAN CATERING serving the Washington DC area since 1987.

Phone: 301-949-7602

Michele's Granola

PO Box 29913, Baltimore, MD, 21230 - View Map

Locally handmade with all-natural and organic ingredients.

Michele's Granola is handmade and baked fresh daily in Baltimore, MD, with all-natural and organic ingredients. Several delicious varieties are currently available, including Original, Pumpkin Spice and Cherry Chocolate Macadamia. Michele's Granola not only makes great tasting granola, but they strive to produce and deliver it in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Phone: (301) 693-1241

Really Raw Honey

3500 Boston St., Baltimore, MD, USA, 21224 - View Map

Raw honey - Never heated, filtered or barreled.

For over 30 years, Really Raw Honey has been packed straight from the hive. Never heated, filtered, or strained,it still contains pollen, propolis, and healthy live enzymes. We never transport our bees for commercial pollination.

Phone: 410-675-7233

4401 Eastern Ave 46C 3D, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21224 - View Map

Sustainable earth friendly freshly roasted delicious coffee

Bluebird Artisanal Coffee Roasters offers the finest sustainable certified coffees available. This means farmers are paid a better price for their crop, the natural habitat of migratory birds and other creatures is not destroyed, and you get a naturally better cup of coffee. We hand roast by demand in small batches to guarantee a fresh, delicious cup of coffee. With many varietals and several blends to chose from you are sure to find your perfect cup of earth friendly coffee. With over 15 years experience in the specialty coffee industry we are able to assist our customers with all of their coffee needs.

Phone: 410-675-2424

Three Stone Steps

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sustainable. fairly made. sytle.

Sustainable. Fairly made. Style.Three Stone Steps features bags, wallets, and other fashion items made from recycled and repurposed materials, as well as silk and cotton, all designed to appeal to the discerning eco-accessoriesista.Items are created in partnership with small, local fair trade artisans in Cambodia.About the name: According to Chinese lore, three stone steps at the foot of a staircase promises solid footing for a good journey, and Three Stone Steps wishes you the same, wherever your steps takes you.

Phone: 443.927.9239


640 Frederick Road, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21228 - View Map

Sustainable and healthy building materials and design

Located just outside of Baltimore, alterego offers sustainable and healthy building materials for both your residential and commercial needs. We also offer as design consultation. Open to the public and the trade.

Phone: 800-339-1179

Earth Alley

3602 Elm Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21211 - View Map

Fair trade and environmentally friendly handicrafts

Environmentally friendly and fair-trade handicrafts. Earth Alley features hand made jewelry, purses, wallets, picture frames, scarfs, cards and journals. Many gifts are made with recycled material. We have one of a kind treasures to adorn you and your home - and for that unique gift.

Phone: 410-366-2110

Green Harmony Living

PO Box 10164, Baltimore-Towson, MD, USA, 21285-0164 - View Map

Ultimate Organic, Animal Friendly, Rawfood Eco Marketplace

Green Harmony Living was conceived to provide humanity with one source for the very best green products that will allow everyone to live a fun, healthy, animal friendly, planet friendly, and vibrant green lifestyle. We personally test many products and choose only the best ones that meet our stringent sustainable criteria (see our website) to sell. We offer many organic, vegetarian, vegan, rawfood, and macrobiotic items that are clearly described for your convenience. We offer great prices and everything is nontoxic!

Phone: 410.825.3269

The Vegan Monologues

104 Dumbarton Rd. #D, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 21212 - View Map

The Vegan Monologues: Collected Humorous Essays

There's nothing funny about being vegan, unless you're humorist Ben Shaberman. From dog chases to fornicating grasshoppers to chicken stock sabotage, his book of humorous essays, The Vegan Monologues, explores the lighter side of the meat-free lifestyle. Shaberman's reflections will put a smile on the faces of vegans and omnivores alike.His essays have appeared in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Vegetarian Times, VegNews, and a variety of other publications. His commentaries have also been carried by NPR's Morning Edition as well as NPR in Baltimore and Des Moines.

Phone: (410) 499-9158

Summit Insulation & Contracting Corporation

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Insulation is cheaper than fuel.

Family owned home since 1978, Summit Insulation is Maryland's largest retrofit insulator. Home insulation is the only home improvement that pays for itself and you continue to save. We can insulate framed, block, brick veneer, brick on block and other types of walls that were difficult or impossible to insulate in the past. Insulation can save up to 50% on home energy bills and create a better living environment in the winter as well as the summer. The money you save is the fuel you do not need to use.

Phone: 410 644 8000

Dixie Homecrafters

3730 commerce drive, suite 1214, baltimore, maryland, usa, 21227 - View Map

Where true craftsmen still exist.

Where true craftsmen still exist.

Phone: 443-577-0200

P.O. Box 1014, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21203 - View Map

Thai Hill Tribe Silver & other treasures

The Art of Adornment offers indigenous hilltribe silver from the Nomadic Karen, Hmong, Lisu and Akha nations within Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.All pieces are 100% silver, handcrafted, hand selected and purchased directly from artisans and coops to honor and trade fairly with their sources. We invite you to celebrate the art of adorning yourself, as well as the nations and cultures from which these beautiful adornments come.

Phone: 443.392.5461

The Vegetarian Resource Group

P.O. Box 1463, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21203 - View Map

Helping you follow a vegan, green-friendly diet

The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit educational organization which educates the public about vegetarianism, and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger.

Phone: 410-366-8343

The Loading Dock, Inc.

2 N Kresson St, Baltimore, MD, 21224 - View Map

A Non-Profit Building Material Reuse Center

Phone: 410-558-3625