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EcoGeek Living Inc

1640 Ocean Parkway Suite C41, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11223 - View Map

Innovative eco-friendly alternatives to traditional everyday prod...

Eco Geek Living, Inc. is an online retailer of earth-friendly products for everyday living. We are committed to providing easy-to-use, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional household products. From portable solar power to unique eco-friendly gadgets & gifts, Eco Geek Living is your source for energy efficient products.

Mr. Ellie Pooh

220 36th Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11232 - View Map

Fair trade co. providing unique items comprised of elephant poo!

It's true, all made out of poo! Pulped to perfection by the elephants of Sri Lanka. Stationery, cards, green gifts and more. "Conservation through Innovation"

Satya Magazine

539 1st Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11215 - View Map

Environmentalism, Animal Advocacy, and Social Justice Magazine

Satya is a monthly magazine that focuses on animal advocacy, environmentalism, social justice and vegetarianism. Satya means truth in Sanskrit, and is derived from and inspired by Mohandas Gandhis nonviolent Satyagraha or truth action movement for social change. Now in its twelfth year, Satya Magazine is committed to continuing Gandhis legacy by increasing dialogue among activists from diverse backgrounds and engaging readers in ways to integrate compassion into their daily lives.


2 Stoddard Place #2D, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11225 - View Map

Women accessories. Jewelry. Belts. Bags.

Women accessories. Jewelry, belts and more...

606 Brighton Beach ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11235 - View Map

All Natural Bio Degradable Wet Wipes

EZ WyP is a Biodegradable Wet Wipe. EZ WyP towels are all natural, no chemicals, not anti bacterial.The concept of EZ WyP is different than your other standard wipes. EZ WyP comes dry and compressed, so you would have to moisten to use (the dispenser makes it convenient and allows you to carry the wipes and liquid to moisten the wipes when needed). This makes EZ WyP Long lasting as opposed to other standard wipes which come moist, but dry up within days. With EZ WyP there is no time frame for the wipes to expire since they are dry already. EZ WyP's all natural Fiber makes your skin smooth after using. With EZ WyP you get your moneys worth.

Viva Zapata!

2 Stoddard Pl. Ste 4A, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11225 - View Map

Handmade bags and clothing. Original designs and sweatshop free!

Handbags and clothing designed in Brooklyn and manufactured in small workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The handbags are made of the same vinyl that covers the seats of the buses of Buenos Aires, the "colectivos", the most popular and colorful form of public transportation in Argentina's capital. The straps are maufactured for use in the heavy window shutters found throughout Argetnina. They are built to last.


33 Flatbush Ave, Suite 505, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11217 - View Map

Produces beverages made with the guayusa super leaf from Ecuador.

 Runa is an Amazonian beverage company and social enterprise based in Brooklyn. We sell beverages made from guayusa, a superleaf native to Ecuador that has as much caffeine as coffee and twice the antioxidants of green tea. This combination provides you with the clean energy you need to do the things you love.


Wembe Amazonian Soul

10 Jay Street Suite 300a, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11201 - View Map

Organic skincare from the tropical rainforest of Paraguay

Healing, rejuvenating and beautifying are the exotic ingredients of the Amazon Rainforest. Holding them sacred for their therapeutic properties has been inherent to Paraguay’s culture since the beginning of time -- sharing them with the world is inherent to ours. Wembe’s luxuriant cleansing bars and bath salts are lovingly hand-made and generously infused with the pure essential oils and extracts of nature’s most rejuvenating plants, herbs and fruits. Bathe in our organic blends and experience the fragrant scents, soothing sensations and lush sensuality of the rainforest. Experience Wembe’ and let the miraculous gifts of the Amazon become you.

26 Dobbin St, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11222 - View Map

Hyde is the creation of Anne-Kerr L'Heureux ("A.K."), who discovered yoga 17 years ago. What began as exercise quickly became a passion that extended to affect all aspects of her life. Hyde was born from an intention to create clothing that encourages comfort, confidence, and beauty.

Inspired by the notion of flexibility of both body and mind, we incorporate the principles of yoga into a thoughtful contemporary apparel. The Hyde collection is designed and fabricated with a fit and aesthetic that travels from the studio out into the world.

"Anne-Kerr L'Heureux's Hyde yoga pants combine elegance, simplicity, comfort and style. I love them." -Deepak Chopra

Hyde is a socially conscius company. The line is produced in a sweat-shop free environment using predominantly organic fibers.

Brooklyn Community Foundation

45 Main St, Suite 409, Brooklyn, NY, 11201 - View Map

Strengthening Brooklyn through grantmaking and community service

Brooklyn Community Foundations works to increase and sustain open space and waterfront access, encourages green practices, and helps create job opportunities in the expanding green economy.

Sustainable Summer

212 S Oxford St 3A, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11217 - View Map

Summer adventures in sustainability for high school students.

Our summer adventures in sustainability are for students age 15 to 18. Travel to Ecuador with other environmentally-minded teens to study concepts such as organic farming and sustainable development, while also exploring a foreign culture.

917 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11215 - View Map

Gentle chiropractic adjustments perfect for pregnant moms & baby

Brooklyn, New York, United States - View Map

Wifi Sharing: Next Gen Internet Access Everywhere, for Everyone

KeyWifi is an internet access platform that allows individuals to safely rent out their wifi, opening up previously unavailable hotspots and turning the whole world into a “Wifi zone.” KeyWifi is built upon a sharing model, wherein, acting collaboratively, users experience expanded benefits at less expense than they would in a one-to-one consumption model. Further, by sharing or renting bandwidth, we can increase internet access while saving resources - electricity, hardware, bandwidth - a consideration for a more connected AND sustainable future. KeyWifi harnesses community, underused infrastructure, and peer-to-peer technology to open up millions of high speed internet hotspots so that everyone can participate in shaping the future.

Tomato Mountain Farm

Brooklyn, Wisconsin, 53521 - View Map

Organic Home-Delivery CSA

From our certified organic farm, we deliver our high quality produce to your Chicago area home every week through December. Super-sweet spinach, luscious lettuce, and some of the best tomatoes around, plus many of the vegetable staples that any kitchen needs.

Gustavo's Salsas

473 Madison st. # 3, Brooklyn, New York, United States, 11221 - View Map

small batches of artisanal salsas made in Brooklyn

Gustavo's Salsa was formed by Gustavo Frias in Brooklyn in 2013. Growing up in Los Angeles and with a first generation Mexican family, Gustavo first gained inspiration by his mother Bernardina cooking up delicious and flawless Mexican cuisine. After arriving in NYC, Gustavo realized the void of such cuisine and flavors in the new environment of NYC.  After several years of trial and error, he finally hit his stride with the perfect balance of smokey heat, consistency and fruity notes that make what the salsa is today. Before Gustavo even thought of sharing his salsa with the masses, he took it on the road and overseas to Spain and the Basque Region. Here is where he fell in love with how it complimented all sorts of seafood. Oysters would be the biggest and most pleasant surprise. Now going back to basics, Gustavo's Chipotle Salsa is delicious with a simple, beautiful avocado. Eggs many ways. Breakfast, brunch and dinner. A spoonful in your favorite pasta sauce recipe or a special jar you like from the grocery store, a spoonful in your favorite soup stock or with your favorite chips and lots more to discover. On top of all that. This salsa is %100 vegan. Gluten free. All natural ingredients. No preservatives or additives.

2929 Avenue R, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11229 - View Map

Made by hand, all natural, fresh hand chopped herbs and spices