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Walleska Ecochicc

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Handmade clothing & accessories from recycled pull-tabs.

ECOCHICC – Ecologically Conscious Organization Celebrating Honoring Inspiring Creative Communities – products are produced from natural sustainable resources and recycled materials by artisans worldwide. We are committed to giving back to all our partnering communities by creating revenue and jobs through the practice of fair trade principles.

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The Greatest Candle In The World

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Recycling used cooking oil into 100% non-toxic scented candles

The Greatest Candle In The World is the one you make yourself!Our company owns a patented technology which transforms used vegetable oil into candle wax within 2 minutes using a microwave (and removes all food odours). The process is simple, you add our special powder to your used vegetable oil, place it in the microwave for 2 minutes, take it out, stir it and pour it into any candle holder you wish to decorate. Allow 20 minutes for the wax to solidify and you have just transformed what was once waste into a beautifully scented carbon neutral candle.We sell 2 things:1. Ready made beautifully scented candles made from used cooking oil which are currently offered in 9 scents: Kaffir Lime Flower, Sandalwood, Darjeeling Flower, Clove and Cinnamon, Fig Milk, Fresh Grass, Spice Wood, Cassis & recently introduced Citronella (to combat mosquitoes and the west nile virus).2. Candle Making kit which allows any individual, institution, restaurant, school, hotel and so forth to recycle their used cooking oil into beautifully scented candles rather than pouring their oil down their sink and contaminating our water supply. The kit includes our patented powder, wicks, wick holders and instructions. Our kits come in all 9 scents listed above and also a neutral scent which creates unscented candles for those people/businesses which would like the decorative accent without interfering with their ambience.

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Eat More Plants with Hail Merry

For active health conscious consumers with uncompromising quality standards, Hail Merry® is the fresh Gluten-Free and Vegan snack brand that features raw plant oils and delivers superior taste and purity in every bite. The company is a women-owned certified business guided by experienced leaders who value food and are dedicated to ingredient integrity. At Hail Merry®, we believe sharing a journey to higher health is the path to a better world. Hail Merry® is sold nationally at Whole Foods Market and other food retailers, hotels, airports, stadiums, universities & convention centers.

Phone: 1-888-621-2229