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A Peace Chain

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Pieces of a piece for PEACE!

Pieces of a piece for PEACE! For the past eighteen years the artist Joe Peace has personally handmade and distributed over 400,000 ceramic pendants with words for "peace" in many languages. He will make it the rest of his life. Symbolically connecting people from around the world, it is A Peace Chain for a PEACE chain reaction!


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Delicious tamales crafted from organic ingredients

Our goal at Donnas Tamales is to promote healthier eating habits by providing a quick, satisfying and nutritious meal. We believe that wholesome meals prepared with honesty, integrity and a lighter touch on our environment can be a savory experience.Check out our website for a location near you.

Phone: 415-456-2191

EarthLinked Technologies, Inc.

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Direct Exchange (DX) Geothermal Heating and Cooling

EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of direct exchange (DX) geothermal heat pump systems and has been in business for 28 years. Geothermal systems use the natural heat energy of the earth to heat and cool homes and businesses and to heat hot water. DX geothermal is the most efficient type of geothermal system and can bring you significant savings over the life of the system while conserving resources to help save the planet. Our system's natural copper loops exchange heat directly with the ground using ozone-friendly refrigerant. Stop by our booth to see our systems for yourself.

Phone: 703-346-4341

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Dissasembles residential and commercial structures for recycling/...

DeConstruction Services, LLC based in Fairfax, VA is an environmental company that specializes in the disassembly of residential and small commercial buildings throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It assists the building owners in donating the salvaged material to nonprofit organizations that sell it for drastically reduced prices to re-modelers, landlords, and homeowners of all income levels for renovation and economic development needs. In the process, DeConstruction Services, LLC seeks to recycle or reclaim for reuse approximately 80% of the structure, save the property owner expensive debris hauling and disposal costs, provide trade skills and permanent employment for at-risk workers, and enable the donors to earn a significant tax deduction for their donations.

Phone: 703/280-1719

Diana's Books, Inc

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Our mission is to share knowledge through the reuse of books. We rescue and redistribute books to people in need. We believe that access to information empowers people.We try to do our best with each book given to us. If it is suitable for our international beneficiaries, it is sent to Kenya, Zambia, or the Philippines. Our recipients do not pay anything to receive books from us. We are the founding contributor to the first free library in Nairobi. (How cool is that?) Also, our beneficiary partners ship to India, West Africa, and Honduras. Our primary means of raising funds is through our online Amazon store. Our secondary means of raising funds is through your monetary donation. 100% of monetary contributions go directly to mission. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible.Books that are neither sold nor sent, are distributed at local fairs for free. We are seeking new venues for local distribution. Can you help? If absolutely necessary, we will recycle a book for its paper.Please, support our cause today!

Phone: 703 352-0382

Fair Trade Winds

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100% fair trade/environmentally sustainable products

Retail gift store in Bar Harbor, Maine, kiosk at Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA, and online store at Family run business providing certified fair trade and environmentally sustainable products supporting artisans, farmers, and craftspeople from around the world.

Phone: 703-606-5776

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Sustainable Handcrafted Organic Body Care

NAYA Organic Body Care is sustainably handcrafted with mindFulness for the Earth and your Body. Made in the hills of Marin county, CA, NAYA Organics uses only plant and food based ingredients to nurture your skin.All waste is composted and used to grow herbs, 80% of the materials come from the west coast (mainly CA), ingredients are bought in bulk to cut down on packaging and keep costs low, packaging is paraben FREE and recyclable or reusable to store grains, dried fruit or other goodies of your choice, all paper products, like business cards, are printed on 100$ recycled paper, using soy in and a chemical FREE press.Keeping things local and handmade keeps gas consumption low and the planet a bit cooler, while supporting other independent businesses, which strengthens community!Visualize NAYA Organics as the external form of eating organic!!!!

Phone: 415 306-6008

Chad's Grill and Garden Cafe

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Fresh, organic, and local meals prepared from scratch. Start your day with a fresh baked scone and later enjoy our famous cookies for a snack. For lunch and dinner we'll have a vegetarian menu featuring our chili, corn bread, sandwiches, and seasonal salads.

Phone: 415-454-7864

Shkaa'la - Handwork of the World

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Fair Trade glass bead jewelry from Guatemala.

Fair Trade, hand made glass bead jewelry and accessories from Guatemala. Handmade accessories from Laos and Mexico too!

Phone: 888-690-0906

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Fair Trade glass beaded jewelry.

Fair Trade, handmade glass beaded jewelry and recycle handbags from Guatemala.

Phone: 888-690-0906

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Relax Release Rejuvenate with Moving Prana

Phone: 415-336-1206

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We Are The Educational Window Company

"The Greenest Window Is the One That Isn't Replaced". Installing Secondary Storm Windows Saves Energy & Reduces Landfills. The Window Man has been providing window solutions since 1989. We do understand that this secondary option is not always the best option for the homeowner or that the existing window is not salvageable. In these cases we offer a variety of materials for your windows such as fiberglass, wood, composit, aluminum, steel and the best engineered vinyl windows available in the market today. This allows us to offer a solution that best fits your needs while doing our part to protect our environment and you.

Phone: 703-978-9888

Earth Sangha

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A Buddhist conservation group focused on ecological restoration.

Founded in 1997, the Earth Sangha is a nonprofit public charity based in the Washington, DC area and is committed to practical environmental action as an expression of the Buddhist way of life. (Sangha is a Buddhist term for congregation or community.) We work in the spirit of Buddhist practice, but our members and volunteers come from a wide variety of religious and secular backgrounds. In the Washington area, we operate an ecological restoration program to restore native forests and meadows, stabilize streams, and control invasive alien plants. We also work with local schools on environmental education and schoolyard greening projects. All of our DC-area work is designed for public participation, as a venue for environmental education. In the Dominican Republic, we operate the Tree Bank Hispaniola, an agroforestry program designed to improve the lives of farmers along the central-northern reach of the Dominican Republic-Haiti border, and to restore the region's native forests.

In addition to environmental work, we host weekly meditationsessions in Alexandria, Virginia, along with discussions of the Dharma (the traditional Buddhist teachings). These sessions are free and open to all.

Phone: 7037644830


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Hand knit kids clothing and women accessories

Fournier designs and produces a luxurious line of clothing and accessories of the finest baby alpaca wool, organic cotton and pima cotton. Anabel Fournier founded Fournier as a poverty alleviation project in the summer of 2004 while living in Bolivia, and after researching rural women’s survival strategies in the face of extreme poverty.

Phone: 305.677.9993


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Flooring products for a beautiful environment.

Flooring products for a beautiful environment.

Phone: 703-352-8300