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Intentional Pictures

28 Brakefield Dr., Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, 53546 - View Map

A full-service media production company.

A full-service video and film production company based in southern Wisconsin. We've made documentaries, educational and marketing videos on community-supported agriculture, organizations serving the developmentally disabled, the YWCA and many other subjects.

Phone: 608-754-5918

1260 MIlton Ave suite 170, Janesville, WI, USA, 53545 - View Map

Recycled & Sustainable Products Made in Uganda

We are a non-profit fair trade that works with the poor and unemployable in Uganda. We pay our artisans up front and then all proceeds from the sale of their products goes back, in the form of community projects. Education is our primary focus giving scholarships to children that are unable to pay for school. As our secondary project we have partnered with a hospital and work doing free surgeries yearly.

Phone: 608-314-3950