City: Long Island City

First World Trash

11-21 31st. drive, long island city, new york, usa, 11106 - View Map

reMade in america

Our bags are born in the junkyards of America, where we salvage seatbelts from old cars and rescue billboards before they are thrown into landfills. All materials are then deep cleaned, cut and polished in preparation for stitching. Each bag is individually designed and crafted by first world trash owner and designer, Jenelle Malbrough, in her apartment, in Queens, NY. All bags are tear proof, water resistant and built to last.

Sprout Watches

29-10 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY, USA, 11101 - View Map

Eco-Friendly watches are biodegradable/made from natural elements

SPROUT represents a first in eco-friendly timepieces: watches that leave the smallest possible negative impact on the earth’s environment. Wherever possible the materials utilized are eco-friendly in that they are biodegradable, sustainable or organic.

Kenza International Beauty

46-28 Vernon Boulevard, LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, 11101 - View Map

We provide organic argan & prickly pear seed oils for skin & hair

We offer Pure Moroccan Beauty Oils products for skin and hair: KENZA Pure Argan Oil & KENZA Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Our oils are USDA Organic, registered with the FDA for their authenticity, ISO 9001 certified for quality, sustainably sourced, produced by women cooperative, and support social change for women in the USA & Morocco. We are proud to support and donate to the New York Women's Foundation and to the Women Cooperative Tirizite. With your help we can empower women to be financially independent here in the USA and in Morocco. Learn more at:" target="_blank">