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Green Printer, Eco-Design, Sustainable Print Production

A Greener Printer, Eco-Design, Sustainable Print Production, for all your printing needs. Print Net offers environmentally friendly green printing services from initial concept to final delivery and distribution. Print Net can assist any company, big or small, with every aspect of any printing project'and we do it in a way that is environmentally friendly and cost effective.Print Net is a superior-quality green printing company that meets the highest environmental standards at a reasonable priceUnparalleled customer service and commitment to excellenceOver 25 years experience in the printing industryState-of-the-art facilities and materials, including tree-free stocks, 100% recycled materials, and non-toxic vegetable based inks and water-based inks and coatingsInformed assistance in evaluating the most cost-effective options for every projectInnovative image and concept development, graphic design, and writing and editing servicesIn-house, USPS-certified mail fulfillment servicesRapid turnaround options for local and national deliveries

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Women of the Cloud Forest

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Fair-trade rainforest seed jewelry from Costa Rica

High in the mountains of Costa Rica, there is a group of women who create art from nature. Women of the Cloud forest is a fair-trade project that offers employment opportunities to rural women and their families. The product line consists of unique rainforest seed jewelry and hand-embroidered bags.

Phone: 412-683-5205

Chatham University School of Sustainability and the Environment

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Innovative, interdisciplinary education

Chatham University, founded in 1869, prepares students from around the world to develop solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges. Our new School of Sustainability and the Environment provides innovative, interdisciplinary education and research opportunities for students to better prepare them to identify and solve challenges related to the environment and sustainability. The University is now accepting applications for its new Master of Sustainability and Certificate in Sustainable Management, both of which will launch in 2012, as well as its Master of Arts in Food Studies.

Phone: 412.365.1825