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All-Ett Billfolds

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The World's Thinnest Eco-friendly Wallet

Replace that bulky wallet with the EcoThin Wallet By All-ETT. This astonishingly thin wallet is made of recycled plastic bottles. Not only is it good for the Earth, but it is also good for your back. ALL-ETT Wallets remain thin when fully loaded, which makes them comfortable to carry. Get a new EcoThin Wallet and have a "green" place to keep your green!

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Natural personal care and health care products.

Naprodis (Obligé, Phybiosis & Kinarome) from Dr. Petit, a French physician and Naturopath who for 30+ years has formulated natural health & personal care derived from plants, herbs, earth and sea. Only natural and organic ingredients -- no chemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, waxes, fragrances or GMO's. Vegan & gluten-free.

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