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Platinum ARK Entertainment Inc.

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Experience "Earth to You" Kids Environmental Magazine

An environmentally responsible company that cultivates positive global education, Platinum ARK Entertainment Inc. will provide environmentally-engaging entertainment to children throughout the world.

Phone: (951) 276-4773

82 Woodside Road, Riverside, IL, USA, 60558 - View Map

Organic, Whole Grain breads, Also gluten free

Our Mission is to bake Nutritious and Delicious Breads, Cakes, Sweet rolls, Cookies, Biscotti using local ingredients. We go to the farms and buy flour, dairy, eggs and fruits and vegetables. In this way we support our local producers and get the freshest ingredients that we can. We work in community kitchens and seek to employ people in the communities, providing dignified, fulfilling work. We continuously look for new venues at which to sell our products: Church Congregations, Schools, Fundraising We welcome the energy of anyone interested in supporting our mission by buying our products.

Phone: (708)790-7983