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Spinal Screening,Nutritional Advise,Posture Check

Holistic health care specializing in Chiropractic care, Nutritional Counseling, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Acupressure.

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Food aid for low income families all volunteer

Food for All is a non-profit organization that strives to provide food to those who are in temporary situations of need. Our clients are generally elderly citizens, handicapped, or single mothers with young children. Each week we accept referrals from social workers,etc. The operation is entirely volunteer run, with the assistance of a federal grant.


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2011 US DOE Award and Angie's List winner for Home Energy Audits

ecobeco is a provider of Quick Home Energy Check-Ups and Home Energy Audits under the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. We serve consumers in the Greater DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland markets. ecobeco has been awarded Angie’s List 2011 and 2010 Super Service Award, the US DOE's 2011 Home Performance Century Club Award, and the 2009 Maryland Home Performance Contractor of the Year by the Maryland Energy Administration. Our energy efficiency experts provide prioritized, actionable advice and facilitate the selection of specialty, energy efficiency contractors to get work done. ecobeco offers services for single family homes, townhomes and condominiums.

Daylight Design

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Grow light systems and self watering pots

Daylight Design is home to Sunstation grow light systems and FeetPot self watering pots.SunstationsWe use Sunstations to grow greens, micro greens and herbs year-round and to start transplants for our outdoor garden. Keeping company with healthy young plants is a real mood elevator, especially on dark winter days. Sunstations are uniquely designed to keep young plants at just the right distance from the light they need. Sunstations are meant to be "indoor companions". We have a table-top Sunstation on our kitchen counter and one on the desk in my office. We have a small free standing Sunstation next to our kitchen table and a large free standing Sunstation in the room where we spend time in the evening. FeetPot A working FeetPot is a pot with feet, wicks, self watering soil, slow release organic fertilizer and a tray with water. The wicks carry water from the tray to the soil in the pot. My wife has a green thumb and I do not. I developed FeetPots to help level the playing field. My problem with plants had always been too much water. If I saw a plant in distress I would give it water. If it was still in distress the next day, I would give it more water. In a short time the plant would be dead. If this sounds familiar, then "over watering" may be a problem for you as well. A FeetPot puts the plant in charge of it's own watering. I put water in the tray and let the plant decide when water is needed. The plant takes water from the soil in the pot. The wicks then draw water from the tray into the soil to replace what was used. If the plant uses a small amount the wicks replace a small amount. If the plant uses a large amount the wicks replace a large amount. All I need to do is make sure there is water in the tray. THIS I CAN DO and other "brown thumbs" can do as well. NOTE - FeeTPots are only meant to be used indoors.

Genovation Cars, Inc.

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The sustainable green car company

Genovation's objective is to provide its customers with safe, sustainable automobiles that do not compromise their driving independence. The long-term goal of the company is to be one of the premier providers of green automobiles in the Unites States. Genovation will accomplish this by offering cars that combine cutting edge Green Technology with a very lightweight and aerodynamic frame and body.

Mama Organic Herbs

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Formed by a mother, in memory of a mother to protect mother Earth

At MaMa Organic Vitamins, we are guided by our desire to preserve and protect the health of Mother Earth and the fragile environment by using natural resources with the utmost care. We believe in supplying our valued customers with the healthiest, safest, and highest-quality natural products to enhance the quality of their lives. Our products must be affordable and provide you with the best value. We are committed to maintaining our uncompromising dedication to human rights, to supporting fair and ethical treatment of farmers, to supporting the communities we work in, and to contributing generously where we are most needed. Our passion is to deliver healthier products to you and empower you to take great care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

Standard Energy Solutions

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Residential Solar, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management.

Standard Energy Solutions helps residential customers take control of their energy consumption, household energy efficiency and ultimately, their energy costs through solar, energy efficiency and energy management.