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Bioregional ecology education and sustainability organization

Planet Drum was founded in 1973 to provide an effective grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance. In association with community activists and ecologists, Planet Drum developed the concept of a bioregion: a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed. A bioregion is a whole "life-place" with unique requirements for human inhabitation so that it will not be disrupted and injured. Through its projects, publications, speakers, and workshops, Planet Drum educates and encourages local organizations and individuals to find ways to live within the natural confines of bioregions.

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ESF celebrates the sustainble food culture of the Bay Area

Edible San Francisco is the sustainable food culture authority of the vibrant SF Bay Area gastronomical scene.

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raw, organic, vegan fruit and nut bars

Our SmartMonkey Bars are simple, whole food snacks that help satisfy a person's hunger throughout the day. There are no added sugars or preservatives. Just a clean, healthy snack that tastes amazing.

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Natural Resources

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Eco-friendly store for babies and their parents

Booth #564 For 20 years, Natural Resources offers a comprehensive range of classes and thoughtfully selected products for expectant and new parents and their babies. Our products include organic baby clothing, glass bottles, cloth diapers, nursing bras and tanks, breastpumps, baby slings and carriers. Our space is warm and inviting. Please stop by our San Francisco store or shop with us online.

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GreenCitizen Inc

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Environmentally responsible electronic waste recycling company.

GreenCitizen Inc. is an environmentally responsible electronic waste recycler dedicated towards preventing overseas dumping of potentially hazardous electronic waste. We focus on educating the public about the issues surrounding electronic waste recycling and provide a convenient, accountable and safe way for people to responsibly recycle the electronics in the US.

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eco-chic: 100% hemp Nunel totes.

Here at Nunel, we decided to build a line of 100% hemp totes that: ● are strong enough to carry 20 pounds of potatoes (or library books!)● can be tossed in the washing machine when needed● look fashionable enough to be used for non-market shopping● can be recycled into even more Nunel bags● generate proceeds that help fund underprivileged schoolchildren

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Knoend LLC

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Innovative, green furniture - lighting, seating and more!

Knoend is an ecodesign company dedicated to bringing sustainability and innovation into design practices.Our concept is simple:Well-designed, affordable, sustainable products.Founded in 2006 in San Francisco with a desire to change the world, we believe that design is a catalyst for change. We believe that green design is synonymous with good design and are working to make this an ubiquitous concept. We always input as many ecodesign strategies into our products and projects as possible. We specialize in creating modern econscious furniture and housewares. We also take on web, brand, industrial, and packaging design projects from companies that share our environmental values. Our driving design methodology is what we call 'econnovation' - ecologic economic innovation. We vow to continually add new or enhance and improve old experiences to work towards a sustainable future for the planet. Design is our vehicle for knowledge, imagination is our fuel to no end.

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Twirl Management

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Eco-Event Company presenting tips to 'green' parties!

Eco-Event PlanningWith a focus on sustainability and community benefit, we examine the infrastructure of how events are produced, working to minimize waste, localize production and services and reduce the overall negative environmental impact of the event - while increasing the value impact of your event. Each event is different, therefore our solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of you or your clients meeting, party, launch, wedding, festival, or tradeshow.

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Green Home Huddle

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Green product reviews and sustainable living information

Whether you want to go green to fight climate change, save some dollars at the pump, or give your kids (and yourself) a healthier home, the Green Home Huddle has it all. With products ranging from electric cars to carbon offset packages to organic toothpaste (and much, much more), you can find out what people like you love and what they love to hate. Check out product reviews, discussion forums, and collaborative wiki articles on every (green) topic under the sun.

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new website for socially responsible investing is a website for individual investors and advisors to learn about Socially Responsible Investing and Financial Planning.

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Asian healing therapies to energize, calm, balance and detoxify.

"Our work has been featured in SAN FRANCISCO MAGAZINE, Best of the Bay Area (2006) and on KRON Channel 4 (2008). AREAS WE ADDRESS INCLUDE: * PAIN * SPORTS INJURIES * BACK ISSUES * PREVENTATIVE AGING*STRESS AND FATIGUE * DIGESTIVE & TUMMY ISSUES* WEIGHT MANAGEMENT * IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENINGMost illness and disease can be reversed, managed, or prevented combining the wisdom of ancient and modern interventions and lifestyle changes. Thank you for considering us as allies/assistants with one of your most precious resources: your health and well-being -- mind, body, spirit. Thank you for stopping by our Green Festival booth (#467) or making an appointment to have fine Chinese Tea and/or a wellness consultation at our permanent San Francisco location."

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Stefanie Wolf Designs

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Jewelry handmade from recycled glass & reclaimed silver.

Stefanie Wolf designs and creates jewelry from recycled glass and reclaimed silver, right here in San Francisco. The Recycled Elements jewelry collection is distinguished by the soft colors of the recycled glass and the elegant yet playful designs. The glass was formerly bottles, windowpanes and industrial scraps- reincarnated into beautiful glass beads. The silver is not mined, but reclaimed from old jewelry that has been melted down, and from chemical processes such as film developing that leaves a silver byproduct. Come see us at booth #104!

Phone: (415) 730-6094

San Francisco Film Society

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The San Francisco Film Society is Northern Californias premiere organization for filmmakers and cineastes.

Internationally recognized throughout its first half century of groundbreaking activity, and poised to dynamically respond to the rapidly changing needs of its industry and constituents well into the future, the Film Society offers an inclusive and rewarding range of year round public programs that investigate and celebrate the artistry and innovation of the worlds most pivotal and imaginative cinematic visionaries.

The Film Society educates, entertains and enriches diverse audiences and communities with programs and events in four core areas: embracing internationalism; educating Bay Area youth; celebrating Bay Area film and media; and exploring new media and digital technology.

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American Land Conservancy

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ALC conserves land for people and wildlife

American Land Conservancy is a national non-profit land conservation organization founded in 1990. ALC conserves land for the benefit of people and wildlife, protecting wildlife habitat, land and water resources, and working farms and ranches, and creating new outdoor recreation opportunities. ALC works collaboratively with landowners, local communities, other conservation groups, corporations, and public resource agencies to fulfill its mission. ALC has secured hundreds of thousands of acres nationwide, ensuring Americas treasured wild places will be enjoyed for generations to come. In 2006, ALC was awarded the California Governors Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for completion of the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch project.

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Cartridge World

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Printer Ink and Toner Cartridge Refilling

Specializing in refilling printer ink & toner cartridges, Cartridge World provides an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to purchasing new printer consumables.We use only the highest quality ink, toner and parts, and every refill comes with a 100$ satisfaction guarantee.REFILL NOT LANDFILL

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Swirlspace Hempwear

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SuperComfy Hemp Clothing ~ with a Sweet Twist

Swirlspace combines original artwork with supercomfy, eco-friendly, hemp-based clothing, made locally in San Francisco since spring 2000. Our versatile clothing honors the organic and dynamic flow within your body, mind and planet. We have made a strong commitment to offer our styles at very reasonable prices. For Men and Women, wholesale available.

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Birchware Compostable Utensils

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Birchware Compostable Wooden Utensils

In looking for an alternative to disposable plastic utensils Birchware provides the solution... Our products eliminate landfill waste while providing you with a unique dining experience. Birchware utensils are manufactured from farm raised birch trees. They contain no dyes, bleaches, or glazes and are completely compostable. Birchware unlike bio-plastics does not require the use of a commercial compostier. Since Birchware contains only 100% farmed raised birch trees it will completely biodegrade in any type compostier in under 60 days. In the hospitality industry the chance to impress your customers may only come but once. Being Green is a very relevant issue in todays marketplace. Birchware is the best environmental option with an unmatched elevated aesthetic when compared to other green products. Choose the compostable alternative to bio-plastics that shows your guest you care.

Green Depot

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Supplies for eco-friendly living and building.

Green Depot's mission is to make green building and living solutions accessible and affordable for both homeowners, and building professionals. We feature countertops, flooring, dual-flush toilets, recycled tile, low-toxic paints and wood finishes, baby supples, green cleaners, and more!

Phone: 415-692-0662

Blue Orange Games

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We create & publish hot games that are fun and sustainably made

Based in San Francisco, Blue Orange creates high quality, eco-friendly games exquisitely designed for maximum fun. Using durable materials, Blue Orange remains committed to planting two trees for each one used in game construction.

Phone: 415 252 0372

Origany, inc.

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Origany, inc.

Origany prides itself as one that is focusing on environmentally conscious clothing and accessories made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. Origany calls it 'Clothing Made Organic by Nature.'Origany baby clothes (0-24 months) are ideal for babies to play in, are super soft and made with 100% certified organic cotton. Origany baby garments are made in India from 100% organic cotton grown in India. Our colored apparel are made with low-impact eco-friendly dyes that minimize the environmental impact. Of course, all natural color garments contain no dyes.Origany toddler clothes (sizes 2-4T) are made from certified organic cotton or baby alpaca combined with certified organic cotton. All toddler garments also use low-impact dyes. Origany introduced baby alpaca fiber since it is a naturally eco-friendly fiber, warm and is super soft! All toddler garments are made in Peru from the yarn also from Peru.Baby alpaca is 30% warmer than wool. The hollow physical structure unique to alpaca fibers traps body heat, providing exceptional thermal insulation. Alpaca yarns are strong and do not easily break, fray, pill or create static. Nor does it stain easily, and it is easy to launder. Alpaca is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly resource. Additionally, the use of low-impact dyes on Origany baby alpaca fibers makes colored baby alpaca apparel just as eco-friendly as natural ones.

Phone: 415-738-6394