City: Santa Clara

High Tide Associates

2368-B Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 95051 - View Map

Human powered electrical generator. Portable power.

High Tide's mission is to promote a green lifestyle in which consumer create all their own mobile power. Our goal is to become the defacto performance standard for motors and generators in the consumer space. We also support philanthropic causes in the world where our power generation technologies can make a huge difference.Our latest product offering is the bicycle-mounted RollerGen Power System. It includes a high-output human-powered generator, a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, and a bike rack which mounts everything. It easily powers all your mobile electronics (cellphones, GPS, MP3, lights, radios, netbooks, etc) and enables you to go off-the-grid with truly green power.Come see us and let us Cycle Your Power!

Phone: 510-599-8224

Silo Ink

1765 Scott Blvd #105, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 95050 - View Map

The last inkjet cartridge you'll ever buy

Silo Ink aims to bring quality, convenience and sustainability to the consumer printing market. Our innovative products allow our customers to save money as well as minimize their ecological footprint, helping to save the environment one cartridge at a time. Our high-capacity ink jet system offers, at the least, 16 times the amount of ink for the price of 4 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ink cartridges. With Silo Ink, you'll never have to replace your cartridge ever again.

Phone: 408-905-7710

2368-B Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA, 95051 - View Map

Mobile Power for Active Lives

High Tide is dedicated to providing access to mobile energy in an environmentally responsible manner. We make bicycle-mounted generators and batteries to easily and efficiently harvest high amounts of energy. Just 3 miles of riding can makes 5 watt-hours, enough juice to fully charge a cellphone.

ELV Motors, Inc.

2070 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA, USA, 95050 - View Map

Electric Bikes for Fleets, Commuters, Students, Boomers

ELV Motors, Inc. offers electric bicycles, scooters, trucks and vans that are pollution-free, sustainable, affordable and fun to use. Clean transportation for; students, commuters, companies, campuses, resorts, police/patrol, RV, boat, plane owners, and baby boomers. No license, registration, or insurance for electric bikes.

Phone: 408 850-8191