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The first exclusively organic & Fair trade tea in the US.

Choice Organic Teas is the first exclusively organic tea company in the U.S., the first to introduce Fair Trade Certified teas, and the first tea company to earn Non-GMO Verification. We offer more than 70 varieties of black, green, oolong, white teas and herbal infusions in tea bags, pyramids and loose leaf.

Phone: (206) 525-0051

Boulangerie Nantaise

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The French Artisan Organic Bakery in Seattle

The Artisan Organic French Bakery in Seattle. All our breads are vegan and 100% organic. A traditional old-world baking style to those seeking exceptional French goods, made with organic ingredients, hand shaped artisan leaven breads and gourmet pastries. Come and visit us! Bon appetit!

Phone: 206 728 5999

Athenas Gryos

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Fresh and delicious vegetarian Greek festival cuisine

We serve great fresh fast vegetarian Greek Festival cuisine. We are a great addition to any festival,and are exited to apart of the 2008 Seattle Green festival.

Phone: 206 225 3058


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Apparel made from hemp and organic cotton produced in the USA

Our mission at Jungmaven is to get everyone a Hemp T-Shirt by 2020. We Dream of a Greener World. We've been challenging the status quo since 1993, because we believe there's a better future.

Phone: 206-334-1432

Antioch University Seattle

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Sustainability-focused graduate and B.A. completion programs

Antioch University Seattle offers sustainability-focused graduate and B.A. completion programs to help you make the world a better place - no matter where you live, work or play.

Phone: 206-441-5352

Alchemy Goods

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Upcycled bags and accessories without compromise

While medieval alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, we strive to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. All our products are made in Seattle and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Phone: 206-484-9469

Jamtown World Music

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Fairly Traded World Musical Instruments

JAMTOWN fair trade world music instruments bring the joyful experience of hands-on music and art to children, families, and music lovers of all ages.We carry a wide variety of hand-crafted indigenous musical instruments everything from djembe drums and marimbas to shakers and flutes.

Phone: 206.632.9136

A&R Solar

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Highest Quality in Solar Design and Installation

A&R Solar specializes in the design and installation of high quality solar electric and solar hot water systems. Located in Seattle, we provide all services from site evaluation and consultation to efficient custom design. We carry a wide range of PV and Solar Hot Water products, including the new Enphase Micro-inverter.We strive to give you the highest quality workmanship to ensure your system will have a long and productive life. We want you to rest easy knowing you have hired a team of professionals dedicated to making your solar aspirations a reality. A&R Solar proudly serves customers throughout the Puget Sound Region of Washington state.

Phone: 800-714-1834

Kedzie Press

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Eco-friendly publisher releasing eco-friendly books.

Kedzie Press is an eco-friendly book publisher. We publish eco-minded titles, all on 100% recycled/100% post-consumer waste paper.

Phone: 206-453-3265

Goods for the Planet

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Earth friendly products for your home and garden

Goods for the Planet brings together earth friendly products from the Pacific Northwest and around the world to provide sustainable and healthy choices for our customers. We carry bed and bath linens, dishes and other kitchen needs, home decor, baby supplies, toys, garden supplies, solar and energy-saving products, books, cleaning supplies, office supplies and much more.

Phone: 206-652-2327

A Sacred Moment - Home Funeral Vigils, Green Burials & Life Celebrations

1801 12th Avenue, Suite A, Seattle, Washington, United States, 98122 - View Map

Home Funeral Vigils, Green Burials & Life Celebrations

A Sacred Moment a unique funeral service empowering families and friends to honor the passing of a loved one through a home funeral vigil, green burial or life celebration service. During the tender time of a loved one's death, families receive the support to create a service that is as special as the life lived. They create the opening for a sacred moment to emerge. Char Barrett, founder of A Sacred Moment, has guided dozens of families through home funeral vigils in the Seattle area and beyond the Pacific Northwest via phone consultations. She also provides workshops, hospice in-service and public presentations, and has lectured to local, national and international audiences. Char has been featured in WSJ - The Wall Street Journal Magazine,, NPR-KUOW Radio, KING 5 News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Real Change News and A hospice volunteer since 1993; Char is also a Steering Committee member of the Washington End of Life Consensus Coalition; affiliate organization to the Washington State Medical Association.

Phone: 206-370-0878

KPTK-AM 1090 Seattle's Progressive Talk

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AM 1090 is Seattle's Progressive Talk radio station with syndicated Liberal/Progressive talkers Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, Ed Schultz, Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Bill Press, Rachel Maddow and many more.

Phone: 206.805.1090


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Small Wind Powered Consumer Products and Programs

Windbalance is a Seattle based company focused on Consumer Product Relationships that directly create renewable energy.Small Wind Power intention for homes and schools is our focus for 2008 participating consumer products.

Phone: 206 799 1789

Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

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A unique, delicious, eco-friendly organic cafe.

Chaco Canyon Organic Café is a vibrant, ecologically sound slice of heaven in Seattle's University District. Our unique, homemade menu features over 90% organically-sourced items, rotating on a seasonal basis to feature local produce. With a wide variety of vegan and raw entrees, juices, smoothies, coffee and desserts, you will never have to feel weighted down by your food again!Not only will you be doing your body good, but eating at Chaco benefits the planet as well! We strive to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, composting and recycling over 80% of our waste. From the recycled denim we use for insulation in our walls to the donations we make to renewable engery, we pride ourselves in being one of the greenest cafes in Seattle!

Phone: 206.522.6966

Pangaea Organica

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Triple bottom line company offering demand roasted coffee.

We source our green beans from the best Organic, Fair Trade coffees grown around the world. Then to ensure a roast profile that suits each coffee's character, we spend time with each lot of coffee determining degree of roast. Under-roast and the resulting cup will taste sharp and sour. Over-roast and coffees of different origins lose their individual characters and become dull and burnt.We roast on a bed of hot air. It is a roasting method that produces a bright, rich cup of coffee. As with wine, there are distinct varietals of coffee, each with its own unique personality. Roasting by convection, using air, brings out the floral flavors of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the earthy complexities of Sumatra. Brew our coffee strong and dark and it will not be bitter, but rather sweet and natural.Pangaea is a triple bottom line companypeople, planet, profit. We're committed to our customers, our product, our suppliers, the environment and each other. We're building a place we can be proud of, a place built to a human scale, a place built to make a difference.At Pangaea, we care about our coffees and we hope that they will become your favorites as well.

Phone: +1 206 632 2432

Mariposa Naturescapes

4742 42nd Ave SW, PMB 322, Seattle, WA, USA, 98116 - View Map

Specialize in design & installation of native plants

Our mission is to assist homeowners and businesses (and beyond) in restoring, stewarding, and connecting with their landscapes by using Pacific NW native plants. We specialize in design and installation of beautiful native plant gardens as well as helping to certify yards as wildlife-friendly habitat. Our methods are focused on sustainability -- easy-care, drought-tolerance, and 100% organic materials. We strive to be affordably priced and give excellent customer service.

Phone: 206-419-1836

Not A Number /

1905 N 45th Street, seattle, wA, USA, 98103 - View Map

For the right of mind, left of heart

Not A Number's shop in Seattle features the Northwest's best selection of political/environmental/fun bumperstickers, buttons, magnets, t-shirts as well as local art, toys, books, cards and wacky gifts. Our products have been at the Green Festival since its start in 2001 (invented by a friend, this is the original, patented magnet-powered flashlight that never needs batteries or bulbs!). After 9/11 we created a Peace Sign designed using all country flags on earth, and have many products featuring that. We carry a growing number of eco-products like Blackspot shoes, non-toxic cleaners, hemp and rainforest rubber products, multi-colored duct tape bags and wallets, soy candles, and LED products.

Phone: 206-784-0965

O'Brien and Company

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Sustainable building consulting, education, and research

"O'Brien & Company is a nationally recognized leader in sustainable design and construction consulting, education, and research. The company's mission is to promote the informed, sustainable development of our built environment.Our consulting services are available for both green residential and commercial projects. We draw on the depth and variety of staff experience to focus on developing clear and appropriate priorities, assessing informational needs, and providing applicable technical recommendations for each project. As part of our education and research palette, we are excited to announce the release of The Northwest Green Home Primer, co-authored by OBrien and Companys President and CEO, Kathleen OBrien, and Kathleen Smith, Senior Project Associate. The Northwest Green Home Primer offers real-world strategies for getting the greenest results for your budget, with hundreds of ideas and examples to build, remodel, or buy a long-lasting, comfortable, and sustainable home. "

Phone: 206-621-8626

Woodland Park Zoo

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Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats

Located on 92 acres just minutes from downtown Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo is renowned for its award-winning naturalistic animal exhibits and innovative programs. Exhibiting nearly 1,100 animals representing almost 300 different species, the zoo is a time-honored tradition for families throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond. The zoo is also dedicated to wildlife conservation, with more than 43 projects in 30 countries around the world, protecting everything from elephants to butterflies. The zoo's horticultural collection is equally compelling with thousands of species of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers and a noted rose garden which displays new and experimental varieties each year.

Phone: 206-548-2500

Wu Hsing Tao School

4000 NE 41st St. Bldg. D, Seattle, WA, United States of America, 98105 - View Map

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and Psychology

Wu Hsing Tao School is the only Traditional Five Element Acupuncture School in the Pacific Northwest. Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is a unique and powerful form of Chinese medicine that treats the underlying cause of disease, looking beyond the symptoms. A cure is defined as a natural state of harmony in Body, Mind, annd Spirit.

Phone: 206-324-7188